003. I'm Being the change, I'm dying (joyfully giving my life) to be the change we need to see in the world


Real activists be what they want the world to be.  "Example is not a major thing in influencing people; it's the only thing," rightly said Schweitzer.  80% or more of communication is visual, nonverbal, one of the few consistently supported tenets of psychology.  It's what we do, not what we say, that has influence. 

To my beloved brother and sister activists.  If all that is true, then it would seem that the world you want is one with more taunting, one with more insults, one with more hypocritical self-righteousness, because this is what you do, that's what you be.  The exception proves what the rule is.   You taunt, you ridicule, you demean others, you disrespect others.   I didn't say this is how you think of it.  I say this is what you do.   So if the world you want to see is more and more and more of that, then you're on the right track.   I suspect this is not what you want to see, in which case it's time to reflect on the three must see must-see movies I keep speaking of, Iron Jawed Angels, two Freedom Rider movies, a special , a PBS documentary, and  a special by Oprah.  There are other examples, but those are just the best, most immediate.  Those people clearly wanted a more civil society.  They wanted the society with greater humanity, greater respect, greater courage, greater selflessness, peacemaking behavior,  standing for what's right,  Unviolence, that is, not violating the rights of others in any way.   Where people earn and pay for what they value, rather than trying to extort it in any variety of cloaked ways from others. 

For God sake, what change do you want to see in the world?  What do you want the world to be?  That's what you need to be.  You need to be the tip of the spear.  There's no other way.  Anything less will kill the one resource you don't have, time.  I wish I could remember the quote, it's a widely known saying.  But the essence of it is - those who ignore history repeat the same mistakes over and over again.  You need to study friends.  You're the ones that will reap the horror of your own ignorance.  Good hearts, which to my joy, I see some of you have, are not enough, and really good hearts will not settle for less than every possible advantage in serving their clients, and delivering results for their clients, to whom they're dedicated. 

You owe yourselves better.  It's time to step up, and first and foremost, to get clear, sufficiently clear,  not perfectly clear, sufficiently clear as to the world you want to see, and you need to be that.  There's nothing else you can do that can make up for not doing that.  And if you take on that responsibility and hold yourself to the highest standards in that regard, you will be doing the single most powerful thing by orders of magnitude.  Everything else is details.  Everything else will follow if now, you do the work of developing  huge clarity as to the world that you need to see.

I've done what I can to help, by doing what I've outlined above, and leaving a book for you to try and help you accelerate toward the powerful form of activism - "Resurrecting the Powerful Unviolent Warfare Pre-1970’s."

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