018. I run toward, I'm One with, the Emergency, Every Breath. This is the source of Power, and Joy, and Life


Let's not be silly.  The most powerful force that we know of in the universe is the human being, but not under all circumstances is that power manifest, available, possible.  What is the condition under which the maximal power is released?  Think of your own life.  Is it
a.  When you're quivering with hunger passing a restaurant you like, 
b. when you see a male or a female that is everything you ever wanted, or
c. when someone that you're connected with emotionally is in life or death health crisis, life or death need, and depends upon you for their help? 
It's ‘C,’ correct?  By a quantum order of magnitude.

So guess what all of the potent activists intuitively know, and or benefit from?  That truth - that life is only found in the face of emergency; we are only fully alive, we are only fully brought to bear, we are only fully activated, our hearts only fully engaged and therefore our head and our flesh only fully tasked, when we are in the face of emergency with which our heart is engaged.  So intuitively the potent warriors live there, every waking second, and when one emergency they've been drawn to is solved, they're instantly onto the next one, instantly. 

It's a matter of enlightened greed, for the life, joy, life-giving, and joy-giving of it.  And it's a matter of awareness of where their usefulness comes from.  Are they going to be off-line, a relatively useless, powerless lump of flesh, or they going to become the most powerful force in the universe, a full agent of the Creator, the Creator’s Son or Daughter, by being switched on, by being in the face of the most dire human emergency that they can reach in time with skills with which they have a chance of being helpful .  It’s the latter friends.  Do the same, for the enlightened greed of it.  And for the hope for humanity, because away from that power  source, you can feed your head and your flesh, but away from that power source you'll be nothing but a help to the status quo, evidence of the status quo,  a fact on the ground of the status quo is preferable to living for our brothers and sisters.   And that’s exactly what all of humanity is dying from now.

Is that really what you want to be, an agent of the status quo?  Because you don't have a choice - you will be one or the other depending upon whether you, as all the INSHE warriors throughout history, live in the face of the emergency.   Plant yourself there, shielding the innocents, or allow yourself time away, which the heart doesn't want any more than the flesh wants to be away from the world's the world's greatest free food banquet.  You can’t escape being an agent for one of the other.  But you can make a deliberate choice, and become the fulfillment of that choice.

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