015. Do you remember the war that didn't temporarily divide bio-families, groups, friends, lovers… Oh, never mind


You remember the war, violent or Unviolent, that did not tear apart, families, friends, groups, lovers, organizations, right?  Oh, never mind.  There's never been such a thing and never will.  So if those things aren't happening to you, you can be certain that you are not an Unviolent warrior, that you are not a potent activist.  Similarly, if you are not finding yourself coming together with what you experience as true family, those who are devoted to the well-being of the world, every second, every breath, then that too is an indicator to you that you are not yet a potent activist, a hope for the world of any significance, because both happen, when you are a hope. 

Alice Paul and her sisters in prison.  There are no human bonds that are as strong as the family bonds between such non biologically related people totally devoted unviolently to the righteous cause.  And which Unviolent war more tore apart biological, and sanctified marriages then the fight for women's suffrage? 

For Gandhi there was a man who was the epitome of the Unviolent warrior, for me too, the man Jesus. ' If you pick up your cross, if you pick up the needs of our global neediest and put them on your back, it will cost you husband, wife, son, daughter, house, farms, fields, but in this life you will receive a hundredfold.  And he certainly did not mean, fields and farms would be received a hundred fold, he meant, true family.  This iconic Unviolent warrior, the man Jesus, for Gandhi, for me, for King, for Teresa - 'I came not to bring peace but to divide with a sword,' to divide within each, the coward from the courageous, and to temporarily, at least, divide us one from another - the courageous, those devoted out of universal love to those most in need, and putting their bodies in the way, and the cowards, our brothers and sisters all. And unless that division happens, unless those of hearts are willing to stand apart from their brothers and sisters who are not yet so blessed, who are not yet so healthy, then the potential creative tension that could save those who are not yet creatures of heart is withheld, and what could be more cruel?  What could be more un-loving? What could be more deadly? Nothing. 

Life, the heart in charge, standing on the Truth, no matter what, for the global neediest, for all, is what Jesus devoted his life to and gave his life for, and same with King, and same with Gandhi.  If you are not so standing on the truth, and in this sickest of all societies truth is what we most hate, well then, you are neither being pulled apart from your friends, your fellow activists, your biological family, most important people in your life, and nor are you a hope for other than the status quo.  The status quo loves that.  They'll praise you, up one side and down the other; unless you’re neither, and just throwing hopeless tantrums.

In his 20s, roughly, Gandhi and his wife were tremendously stressed, tremendous, tremendously pulled apart,  and probably would have been fully pulled apart were it not for the customs of the age that husband and wife just did not separate.  But the closeness that they had, the unity that they had later in their life could never have come about, had not Gandhi first stood the truth that no man is above his brothers, no casts were acceptable in India, for no one was it not appropriate to do the latrines. 

'I came not to bring peace but to divide with a sword,'  Jesus said.  'If you pick up your cross, [advocacy for, life on the line for our neediest], and follow me it will cost you husband, wife, son, daughter, houses, fields, farms, and persecutions, but it will give you a hundredfold  [true Family] in this lifetime.'  And S. Loving here, his life, his path this last 13 years is a 100% testament to all of this. 

The potent activists were the great healers.  In the beginning they divided like a surgeon divides flesh, and by the end of their process they had brought about mass healing.  For many wounds there's no mass healing, without a surgical divide, and then the healing begins.

Stand on the truth of what's right for humanity in these times.  It will divide initially, as a human birth divides initially, within the woman, and then the healing begins, for a much greater possibility.  Be what the world needs you to be.  Pay the enormous price joyfully, and we just might give a future to the next 2000 generations.

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