020. I’m as Stubborn as the Truth – Very, very, very Stubborn


Yes, INSHE warriors, the potent activists throughout history, are consummately stubborn.  They’re consummately unreasonable.  They're not doing what is considered reasonable in their society, or they wouldn't be agents of change, as we know them, right?  They weren't there to be stubborn about keeping the status quo.  And they weren't there to change the status quo, except that it was a sick, evil, counter to human health and well-being status quo.   But they were exactly as stubborn as the truth of what their fellow humans really needed, no more so, no less so.  Just as the good mother is really, really, really stubborn about her bio-kids eating the right foods, getting enough sleep – these Truly human health needs.  The INSHE Warriors are the world expert momma bears of both physical, psychological, spiritual health of their cubs, all of humanity.

Freedom Riders – unmistakably ‘spoke’ through their actions ‘it's true that I should have a seat in this white waiting room.’  That truth wasn’t ever going to go away within them, and therefore they weren’t ever going to give up, be distracted, dissuaded, intimidated…..  That truth was stubborn.  That's how stubborn I'm gonna be, they said.  That's how stubborn I am, because I’ve got my heart in charge.  That's the part of the nervous system that, it's all about truth.  It doesn't know how, when it sees truth, to not stand against truth’s  violation, and when it doesn't see truth, but senses something is very wrong, it doesn’t know how to not go discover the relevant truth, not metaphysical truth, the human Truth, of what's conducive to human, individual, and societal well-being, as best it can be known.

 Yes, the potent warriors of nonviolence are eminently stubborn, but no more, and no less, than the truth is stubborn.  Think about it.

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