046. I'm Free of, an Antidote to the Diagnosis: Cowardice, Heart-deadness, Imaginationless - Chief Characteristics of our age.



Cowardice, heart-deadness, lack of imagination, these are the central characteristics of our age.  Yes this is a bit redundant with some other essays, video logs, but it's so striking, so horribly forecast by James Lovelock; by Einstein who back in the 50s said, paraphrase – ‘If there is no further scientific or technological advance, it doesn't matter, but if morality does not catch up our technology, it will be the end of humanity;’ and we are aggressively regressing, not progressing, every decade since. 

Every year students, college students I believe, for decades now, have been studied for their level of empathy, and for the last 30 or more years it's gone down every year.  We are becoming less human, less adaptive less viable as a species, and unless a few of us rediscover, rekindle, re-exercise our humanity, the complexity and the power of what we've unleashed on ourselves with the burning of fossil fuels will result in our hellacious, over many generations, torture, death and possible extinction.   We're less than human.  We're less than we were born to be.   We're less than the indigenous we've exterminated from this nation, from the world, by far.  

We're the people that were seen in Hunger Games, in that Emerald City, the walking, hideous, dead people.  That's us friends.  You think that's not what the author was saying?  Really? 

Are you going to give (totally devote) your life to lead us out of this?  Or are you just going to wash your hands of it, and leave the rest of humanity to the hell and high water we've unleashed?

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