055. Test Pilots Fly till they Die. Me to - for the Joy of it, for the Service of it, and the Hope.

You know, it really is something we understand, that mountain climbers radically risk their lives, extreme skiers, sky divers, scuba divers, round the world sailors in small boats circumnavigating….  So, species-wise, we understand that, easily, right? 

So what’s going on here is that our insanely Affloholic, me, me, me, pleasure, intoxication culture WANTS there to be a big bright line, barrier, taboo… around self-sacrifice, FOR OTHERS, NON BIO-FAM.  Why?  So the Heart, their Conscience remains effectively black-sited, and their Head/Flesh Selfishness remains safe.  The only price is our Real Life, Joy, and now, our Home Earth, Democracy….  ‘Uh, other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?’

[GWD.F.]  Vid and Txt from Death Fast picks up here:

It becomes more and more incomprehensible to me the difficulty that people have in understanding and embracing this death strike.  Test pilots fly until they die ,or until they don't die.  We know this.  Fire fighters fight fires until they die or  don't die.  Soldiers fight protecting what they think is important until they die or don't die.   Extreme climbers climb mountains until they die or don't die.  Police officers protect the public until they die or don't die. 

It isn't that dying for a cause is so unusual, it is a civilian dying for others, voluntarily, placing oneself in the way of the general harm, that is considered incomprehensible.  Thank you, you frickin church, for perverting and obscuring, for 1800 years what Jesus died to teach us.  

The death of civilization is at your feet, on your hands.  The death of all life worth living is your feet.  We want not to have that line crossed, the one I'm crossing, where a civilian puts their life on the line for humanity, a civilian right here in DC, the center of world power.  We want not to have that line crossed, because then we might have to cross it ourselves. 

Now of course, all joy is on the path that I'm on.   The daily bread that the Lord's Prayer speaks of?  That's clarity of a mission worth dying for.  That's the only place life comes from.  See other essays in this book and this playlist on the subject, unless our society is correct and the greats like King and Gandhi and Jesus are wrong. 

No, we're each here for the most radical service possible, of the rest of the human body.  And we're designed to find joy there, and only there, running toward the emergency. 

Okay, I'll continue to open myself up here friends.  A young associate said on numerous occasions, this is the first sane action I've seen regarding environmental Armageddon.  I agree.  This is the first sanity among  mass insanity on the planet, in a long, long time. The very first?  I don't know, but if there are others, they won't object to me saying it, because they too have the same sense.  It's insane not to put our bodies in the way, it's insane for us not to go on death fast; profound lack of moral imagination, profound  lack of love and compassion, profound death of empathy.

It's time to change, friends, for yourself, for those you influence, for the next 2000 generations.

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