068. Zero tolerance for excuses. Zero. 1st from myself, 2nd from anyone.


Can you imagine Gandhi making excuses?  Can you imagine Alice Paul making excuses?  Can you imagine anyone making excuses to Gandhi, Alice Paul?  Can you imagine Steve Biko, or Rachel Corrie making excuses?  Can you imagine Diane Wilson making excuses?  Unimaginable in all those cases.  

They don't make excuses, they don't accept excuses. Failure is not an option for these people.  They don't play to play.  They don't play to feel good.  They don't play to do something.  They play to win. 

Can you imagine an activist in the last 40 years that doesn't accept excuses from their co, so-called activists?  I can't, with the few exceptions like Diane Wilson, Rachel Corrie,the anti-apartheid activists in South Africa, and some of the activists associated with the Palestinian cause.

But excuses are the way of life for activism in the last 40 years ,and unimaginable among the great activists throughout history.  Unimaginable.

You want to play our you want to win?  You want to be an activist or do you want 'act' like an activist?  You want a future, or do you want excuses?  That's your choice. Fortunately for you, it's a clear choice.  We see what happens when people hold themselves to the highest moral standards, the highest standards of performance, failure is not as an option, excuses therefore are irrelevant and intolerable.  We have example after example after example the power of that, and we have 40 years of seeing the impotence of excuses as lifestyle. 

You have a clear choice friends and yet very little time to make that choice.

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