040. I'm Willing to Die, I’m Unwilling to Compromise on the Core Goals, Mission. Tactics, Strategy are always open to change, as needed by the goal


For the potent, effective Unviolent change agents throughout history, in every realm, they been referred to as maniacal champions, by Tom Peters, the unrivaled organizational development consultant, coined that phrase years ago, maniacal champion, maniacal, maniac-al; crazy by normal standards. Steven Jobs, for example.  But so the Unviolent warriors throughout history.  They'll pay any personal price that they have the right to pay.  Death is an option.  Failure is not an option.  Sacrifice of their ego, is a given, well, maybe not in Job’s case.  Willingness to be wrong, and to change direction is a given. 

These are not people that are married to prior decisions.  They think things through, they don't think things casually, so it's rare that they’re to be found wrong in an approach, but when they are, okay, that's out a here, what's a better path now; everything is flexible with these people, these impactful Unviolent warriors throughout history; everything except the goal, because the goal is people’s lives saved, torture, saved. 

We are going to get the right to vote, said Alice Paul and the sisters working with her.  We're going to be righteous, we're going to act on our rights, we're going to find the morally perfect platform to stand on, be that what it may.  What we are not going to compromise on is the end goal - our daughters aren't going to maybe get the right to vote in a year or five years or 10 years or 20 years or 50 years or 100 years.  No.  They're going to get the right to vote now.  We're here to claim that, and if the price is our lives, let's see, how many lives it takes and that's how many we will sacrifice to this, joyfully.  

It doesn't seem to them like sacrifice.  Does it.

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