065. Finding and blazing missions worth dying for, for our global neediest


What's the most important, unexplored universe?  The most unexplored territory?  Some could contend it is the oceans, space, human biology, the rain forests….  Maybe not said this way, but I think that the insanely humane, unviolent warriors, the INSHE warriors, the potent activists, have understood they were explorers at some other level, so infinitely more important, infinitely more joyful level.  Their territory could reasonably be described as the territory of human morality.  Abstract?  No.  What a time waste abstract is now.  Rooted in our epigenetic, DNA given predispositions, as manifest and as called forth, in a specific historical context.  Gandhi's quest, was to explore the unknown territory to bring a mass population of hundreds of millions of people to a moral clarity and a moral response, that would wind up with the British no longer victimizing the Indian People, no longer exploiting and subjecting them.  No one knew how to do that.  No one how to get there.  No one knew what questions to ask.  Almost no one knew the inside of themselves well enough, to do any of that.  No one knew how to get from the east coast to the west coast until Lewis and Clark took on themselves that virgin exploration. 

The Potent activist throughout history, is the pioneer of finding what is right, what is most adaptive, what is most health producing for the human species, or at least a large population thereof.  That's what they do, that's what we do. 

How could someone 'act' like Lewis and Clark without being like Lewis and Clark?  How could they look like explorers without actually being explorers?  And yet that's what we've done for the last 40 years, rather than be the potent activists.

This book, this Personal Trainer, is designed, to help people achieve, in a matter of weeks, substantially, rather than the many decades it has taken the author.

If you are following your friends, if you are following a cut and dried path of the status quo, you aren't what they need, you're not what you need, and you are not what history needs from you, and the future needs from you.  Did I just say 'independence,' did I just say 'working alone?'  No.  But no one else was given your set of eyes, no one else was given your capacity for vision, no one else was given your particular knowledge of yourself, humanity, and the human condition. You have to do your part of working this out.  If you don't you will know, that you lack one of the central characteristics of history's potent, effective, activists - Insanely Humane Unviolent Warriors.  They find, blaze, pioneer missions worth our lives.

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