075. Don't die' - Gandhi, Egyptians, Suffragists weren't Fools. Nor am I. And you?

Ok, so once again, where did the notion, the hideous, deadly, cowardly notion come from that regular citizens aren’t supposed to die, stand up, put themselves by avocation, in harm’s way?  The four essays central to Gandhi’s becoming Gandhi, “Unto This Last,” by John Ruskin, centrally extolled ALL segments of British society, mid 1800’s, for their willingness to die when other citizens needed that – doctors, lawyers, pastors and soldiers; and it excoriated the merchant class as the one that never would do that.  Were those times less healthy than these?  Uh, no.  We’ve regressed every day since.


Loving don't die.  So Stephen Biko was a fool? Rachel Corrie was a fool?  Gandhi was a fool for offering his life, so many times?  Those standing straight as humans are to do, and getting lynched  in the American south in the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s… were fools?  King was a fool for keeping himself under death threat through his adulthood? Jesus was a fool?

No friends, I love you.  You're my brothers and sisters.   There is a world of fools now, but not these I’ve just named. Stop it.  

We are not here to survive, we're here to serve.   What we hideous sub humananized value in this society is there because there were in the past, people that saw something more important than themselves, to put their lives on the line for. 

We have to wake up.   Were they who risked all for us in the past, were these the sub humans?  If not, we don't measure up.  We are the sub humans.  We have been so dehumanized by this culture that we think down is up and up is down.  We think that  putting our lives on the line for humanity is crazy, and cowering on the sidelines, and wasting our lives on stupid, selfish pleasures, and mental masturbation, is sanity, is humanity. 

We are already dead, friends.   We're already the adults in Hunger Games, in that Emerald City.  We’re those walking, vacuous, dead, empty, skeletons.   Those dead people. 

Stop it.  For God sake, for your children's sake,  and your grandchildren's sake, for your great grandchildren's sake, for 200 billion people's sake.  Stop it.

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