Who this book is for ·

  •  Everyone, that literally can’t live with, stand, co-exist even 1 day more, with the status quo.
  • Those literally dying (totally giving their life), responding to the Call to give their lives, all that they have, all that they are, enduring any personal price, any pain it takes, any work required, to become what the world needs them to be, to help the world return to what it needs to be, now.  This book is your personal trainer. 
  •  Will you use it, as I have, to become, with daily practice, DAILY PRACTICE, finally, FINALLY, what the world needs you to be?
  • The hope and inspiration to complete this book indeed is some of those that have come to Occupy DC, Occupy Santa Cruz….  However, this book, though it has some focus on friends at Occupy, this book is for EVERYONE yearning with every atom to become and INSHE Warrior, a Potent Activist, now; regardless of what it takes, what it costs personally, regardless of personal price
  • Those dying to live their creed, religion, belief, not to be lip service to them; no longer to be like all creeds professing with their lips The Golden Rule, and Professing with their Lives – that the Gold Rules.
  • Academics, liberal intellectuals - the .00001% that live – I know and courageously ACT, therefore I am.

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