039. No. 1 Indicator - I Understand of myself, embrace of myself - I'm an Insanely Human Unviolent INSHE Warrior


'I consider myself a soldier, though a soldier of peace,' Gandhi.  'You are an extremist, an extremist of love or an extremist hate,' Martin Luther King, Jr. paraphrase.  Phil Berrigan, former priest, antiwar activist, many, many years in prison.  His wife too.  The title of one of his books , 'The Lambs War.'  'Give me a military man to fight alongside any day, don't give me any cowards,' Gandhi.

For 40 years, the so-called peace movement, so-called activists, have unilaterally disarmed themselves, have relegated themselves to an ally of the status quo, through some god-awful, disgustingly self-serving, historically reprehensible notion that the language of war is anathema, is violence itself.  This is intellectual and moral rubbish,  bankruptcy.  "War," is the only language we have to talk about total mobilization, and if what I'm saying is reprehensible to you, stop wasting your time with this material from me, and go continue to be part of protecting the status quo.  Enjoy. 

It's time to grow up friends.  You have a daughter, she's just been hit by car, you hear the surgical team saying, 'what a magnificent child.  We are at war for her life.'  Now you jump to your feet, screaming, 'Say, wait a minute, no, war is bad, that's bad language... You're not going to be at war for my child's life!'  Get real.  Stop protecting yourself from being alive.  Stop protecting yourself from your humanity.  Be at all out Unviolent war, all out Unviolent war for the least of these our global neediest, our brothers and sisters all.   Go there, be there, lead everyone else there.  Don't keep leading them to this kumbaya nonsense that true peace activists are not at war; because the behavior, and often language, of the real ones, says they are.. 

You know what?  What was another one?  A.J Muste, the great peace activist.  To paraphrase,  'whoever is not as recklessly applying life, limb treasure, resources, as courageously does a warrior of violence, is no practitioner of peacemaking, is no practitioner of nonviolence, and is of no hope for humanity.’  I've taken liberties there.  But AJ would be in total agreement. 

Stop this self-protective, cowardly, deadly blather.  When you call yourself an activist, you've hung out a shingle, like putting out it a sign saying Dr. You've told people to depend upon you.  Step up or step out of the way.

What we need you do now, what everyone, every youth in your life for the next 2000 generation’s needs, is for you to step up, now, and lead others, and if they ostracize you, think, that's creative tension friends.  You're giving them an opportunity to feel, and wonder about their choice. 

If you pick up your cross they will persecute you but it will bring all hope.  Do it.   You love people that much.  Find that love, find the courage, pay the price for what your heart desires.  For the infinite, ultimate joy of it.

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