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A year and a half ago?  You remember the long, long list of demands from the Egyptian revolutionaries, long and complex, and multitudinous, policy requirements?  There may have been, but my recollection of it is that there were on two demands – Mubarak goes, and we democratically elect a replacement, and I followed the entire revolution dawn till bed throughout. 

In the absolute must-see, [if you're not going to bother with it, don't bother with anything I have to say,]  Iron Jawed Angels, go to either of my blogs and select the Library tab; it's what I know of the women suffragists movement, but it seems like an incredible gift of a documentary, and has a massive ring of truth.  I'm sure this detail is true - Alice Paul as portrayed in the movie says, regarding a suitor that she is passionate for, 'I can't marry; I can't have the distraction from the mission, we can't afford it.'

Do you remember the long laundry list of issues that the civil right workers  had, flitting from one to another the time?  I don't either.  Their demands were very simple and straightforward.  The Freedom Riders,  two of the four must-see documentaries, a PBS special,  and the Oprah Winfrey additional interviews;  just stunning; must-see; do you remember all the long list of demands of Freedom Riders, the long list they were willing to die for? There was no long list.  'We're not here to cause trouble.  We're here to claim what is rightfully ours, a seat in the waiting room labeled ‘white.’' 

And you remember all the Olympic athletes?  Most as you'll recall, they compete in many varied events, right?  Remember? I don't either. There is the decathlon-triathlon, but you don't find in it an Olympic single event medalist. 

Also track stars, not to say there isn't the rare exception, and if you want to delay focused, profound, world changing action, delay stopping the Russian roulette being played with your children's heads, and that of the next 2000 generation's, then let yourself be distracted by the exceptions. 

Otherwise, in all walks of life, nothing happens without maniacal focus.  Achieving anything difficult, anything world changing, averting climate Armageddon, Indigenous rights, destroying Citizens United, ending corporate personhood, ending homelessness... these are hard, folks.  These are winning the 200 meter Olympic butterfly.   These are winning World Cup Soccer.  

Who do you think you are ,flitting from issue to issue the issue?  What kind of arrogance, what kind of ignorance, what kind of denial of your own limitations? 

And you know what, you're the ones that are going to pay; just you, and those who you claim to care about.  We perpetrators, people Loving’s age, that have wrecked your world, your future,  we're going to be fine. 

You're the ones that are going to pay by your self-indulgent, flitting from issue to issue, not holding yourselves accountable for making the hard decisions of - what do we need to do, what do we need to do first,  what are the strategic precedents here, how are we going to be sure to win? 

You're the ones that are going to pay the price, your children are going to pay the price.  Stop this self-indulgent masturbation.  Focus.

Remember the long, long, long list of demands that Gandhi and his co-workers had?  Never! ‘Get out of India!’, He said to the British, through their behavior, not so much their words. 

You're out of time folks.  It's time to stop playing.  Focus, or go and enjoy the little bit of time you have left before mother nature starts grinding up you and your kids, for good.

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