This book was written, not for you, but for the author, Loving

As noted in the companion book to this one, “Global Warming’s Death. Fast.”  It too, was not written for you, just as all the great books I value were not written for me, but were written by the author to share what was inside them, just as it is, warts and all, so that others might derive value from what they first had found valuable in their own lives.  Also, as your brother, if something (and all I control is me), if something doesn’t massively accelerate the resurrection of Insane Humanity among we uber-influential Americans, well, Gaia is going to war on the next 2000 generations as a deadly infection, the cancer we’ve been, especially in recent decades.  Those 2000 generations are me, my body, my Family.  I need help to save them.  You?

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