099. I refuse to not be a True threat to the status quo of needless suffering and death

Am I a true threat to the status quo?  Presumably the status quo, that anyone listening to this, would bring to their own mind - the status quo of citizens united and saving democracy; the status quo of environmental Armageddon, the status quo of an ever widening gap between the Uber rich and the rest, trying to barely eke out their middle-class overprivilege.  
Do we ever ask ourselves the question; do we frequently ask our self the question, am I an existential threat to the status quo?
We don't, do we? We don't.  Not deeply, not seriously.  Not even superficially!  We don't ask that question.   Then, what are we doing friends?
I see smoke coming out of my bedroom window. Uh, I guess I'll do something. Huh?  That's not what we do, that's not what we say.  I guess I'll do something?!?!   What might be an existential threat to the smoke and presumed fire coming out of my bedroom window?!?! What might be an existential threat to the hundred and 6 degree temperature that my daughter has had for six days now?  What might be an existential threat to my looming unemployment that terrifies me, gives me night sweats? This is what the heart asks.   This is what the nervous system asks, when it feels in complete, atomic level, neurological, solidarity with that which is at risk.  It automatically, subconsciously asks the question - what do I have to do to become an existential threat to the problem which is the status quo?
And without that solidarity we're murder friends.  You don't want to be that.  Use this information.  Hold yourself to a higher standard.  That's what you want.  
Our society is so devoid of potent activist models.  We're so distracted from studying those who have been the great models in history.  It's not your fault that you didn't know.
But it will be going forward, if you don't heed.

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