072. Daily I live in front of One ultimate judge, The Creator - God, Our Father, whatever It is.

I don’t know of a great, potent activist that didn’t hold themselves in front of, above all, a notion of the Almighty, the Creator, God, the Divine, the great Unity….  ALSO, I don’t know of one that was or acted like a zealot.  Maybe I’m wrong on this later point, but I’m sure not.  Even a Teresa of Calcutta, a devout Catholic, was relatively indifferent as to the religious beliefs of others, except that she felt hers delivered the ultimate in joy that she wanted for all. 

The notion of ‘compass,’ N, S, E, W does not, NOT exist in nature.  Yet, we live as though it does, quite effectively.  Same with math, but we live as though it exists in nature, and it helps us a lot.  Same with the idea of the Creator, a Father/Parent/Mother of us all.  To the Potent Activists, forever, this is central to their ability to navigate to the part of themselves they wish to inhabit, have in charge, keep strong, keep focused – the Heart, the Conscience.

And, whereas the Potent Activists are the most understanding, the most considerate, the most respectful of all humans, they, like Gandhi, always, ALWAYS, are subordinate to one thing, and one thing only, that notion of God, Creator, Conscience, Heart … that they keep alive within themselves, and in charge, always – “I will allow just one tyrant in my life, the still, small voice within,”  Gandhi.


Sister Louise Thundercloud describes herself as a Heinz 57.  She describes herself as African American, and maybe a dozen different Indigenous American tribes- Blackfoot, I think she said, Lakota, I think she said.  She's kindly visited me several times in the last 17 days, including praying over me the other day, an indigenous prayer.  And during that prayer she spoke of the Creator.

My life has been reformed these last 13 years, I've come back to life after many decades living the Spiritual Death that our society says we're to live.  And bringing the notion of "Our Father," our common Father of all humanity to my mind has been central to that, praying the "Our Father" as Leo Tolstoy helped me to learn in his book 'The Gospel of Brief,'  was instrumental in my regaining my humanity. 

But when sister Thundercloud spoke of the ‘Creator ‘the other day it was a massive step forward for me.
Life is inseparable from Mother Earth, Gaia.  And as I just said, the notion of Our Father unites me with all humanity, but it doesn't naturally unite me with our Mother Earth, and I would say nor does it unite all so-called Christians with Mother Earth, because look what they’ve done to her. 

But 'The Creator,' same entity, different word, is much clearer language.  For me, it much more powerfully brought me into the proper view of humans in the cycle with Earth.  For some nice, Kumbayah metaphorical reason? No!  We're dying because we've forgotten that inseparable linkage.  We're dying because we're killing our Mother, as it was said by Jake in the movie Avatar.

So now more centrally in my prayer life is the notion of Creator, and it's opening up whole avenues of clarity as to what we are to be, as directed by our DNA, and what we are not to be.  Are we to be rapers and plunderers of the Creator's creation?  I don't think so.  Are we to be worshipping our own buildings, our own sculpture, our own painting, our own sexual enhancements, our own entertainment, our own form, as opposed to worshipping, reveling in, all the work of the Creator?  I don't think so. Jesus didn't think so. The few of the sane prophets in the Old Testament, didn't think so. 

So I offer to you the power that I have found in the word 'Creator,' for what the word Jehovah meant in Jesus' day, 'the almighty power that everyone feels and no one will be able to name.'  I suggest to you the word Creator brings us much closer, much faster to a grasp, as crude as it may be, of what that Creator is and what we are to value above all.

Gandhi said that God is the rules; God is the ruler, clearly something is ruling the planet, some being, some entity, some force.  I believe it's a force.  But by whatever name, it is The Creator.

I suggest to you that I've found, and you may too, that the word Creator is a tremendously fruitful concept to pray on, to meditate on, to focus on.

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