033. Zero Self-Indulgence. Ever. Rants, Lapses, Taunts….


Can you imagine Gandhi being self-indulgent.  I can't.  How about an Olympic decathlete; a Tour de France medalist hopeful; Dr. Kim, who recently took over the World Bank, a globally acclaimed humanitarian; Diane Wilson, who as I recall lives in a $1000 trailer and Texas; and maybe the most illustrative example of all, how about the good parents that have just learned that unless they sell their house and everything they are and have to pay for the operation of their beloved daughter, she'll die, how self-indulgent, do you think they will be? 

Elsewhere in this series it's been discussed how the potent activist lives and embodies totally the family emergency response.  The family emergency response is the antithesis, the opposite of self-indulgence.  It is all about giving everything it has and everything it is.  Out of some weird, self sacrificial-ness? No, out of total solidarity with the people that they shield.  Those people, their pain is immediately and totally the pain of the true activist. 

The Potent Activist is selfish.  They want to stop that pain; they want to stop that suffering, which is their own.  And it's been spoken of elsewhere in these essays, the potent activist is extremely selective of who they work with, as should a good surgeon be who loves their patient.

So zero,  I mean, taunts, rants, ‘oh I got really mad so I whatever,’ ‘oh he clubbed me, so I whatever.’ 

No.  Not on Gandhi's team; not on King's team.  They love you.  They'll fight for you.  Not Gandhi's team.

The brain surgeon, 'Oh, I just stuck my finger, darn that's why the scalpel slipped.'  No, failure is not an option. 

Self-indulgence with the true, potent activist is not an option.  It doesn't happen.  And it doesn't happen with you in anything you really care about in your life.  Right?

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