074. ZERO hypocrisy, double standards. Uh, ZERO. Hypocrisy is the root of all evil


What is the Golden Rule of all religions, though it's said different ways in different religions?   'Do unto others, all you would have them do unto you.'   Said a different way -
*  Never do less unto others, than you would have done unto yourself. 
*  Never expect more of others than you expect of yourself.
*  Never accept less for others in you accept for yourself.
*  Never treat others except in the way you want to be treated.

There's hardly been an activist in 40 years that hasn't been a flagrant violation of that, absolutely living as religion the double standard, with arrogant pride! 

The code of the 'activists' club the last 40 years is - hold everyone outside of your circle, outside of what could be described as an activist circle, or 'club' - to the highest, most unreasonable, most unattainable, cruel standards, and hold yourself and other so-called activists to absolutely none;  no time frames, no accountability to historical precedent, no plan, no outcomes, no deliverable, no results, no level of effort, no standards for the activists.   The highest, cruelest, most unreasonable, most unattainable standards for those that they wish to change.

This is abuse, clinical abuse.

This is the height of moral bankruptcy done, because activism purports to be the paragon of moral virtue.   Those who have practiced it properly, those who have brought change, have been the paragon of moral virtue, and they've been the antithesis of what we've seen for the last 40 years.  They have only code of standards, no double standards, but they hold themselves to a higher level of executing those standards then they hold anyone else.  And for the last 40 years it's been exactly the opposite.

And we wonder why there has been nothing but social decline.  We wonder why there has been nothing but erosion of human rights, social rights, political rights.  Absolute moral bankruptcy.

The man whom Gandhi held in the highest regard throughout history was the man Jesus, not the deity Jesus which I don't think ever existed, and neither did Gandhi think him a deity.   But the man Jesus, Gandhi revered him above all others, for the same reason I do.  What was Jesus most horrified about, what was he most alarmed about, what did he most warn about?  Hypocrisy, double standards.

Hypocrisy is not a useful word as a slander, which is how we use it; doing so is one of the ways we disarm it. It's a diagnosis.  It's an assessment of double standards, of holding oneself and one's circle to one set of standards, and others to invariably higher level of standards, and occasionally an even lower level of standards, in the case of bigotry, discrimination against women. for example. 

Hypocrisy is the root of all evil.  It is the explicit violation of the golden rule -  Do onto others, all you would have them do unto you. 

Was Gandhi guilty of hypocrisy?  The women suffragists?  Egyptian revolutionaries? The anti-apartheid forces? The civil rights workers?  I don't think so.  They were the antithesis of that hypocrisy; they held themselves, and everyone, to the same standards, and they held themselves to execute those standards more religiously, more scrupulously, more surely, more sheroically than anyone else.

If you want to continue to party, today's activists, there will be no one more responsible than you for the destruction of your children because you purport to be the Unviolent storm troops to bring about human rights.  And yet you violate every major historical code demonstrated by those that have brought change.
I love you.  You're my brothers and sisters all, but what disgusting orgy of self-indulgence.  The historical precedent is so clear. 

How are you going to find, hmmm, you are going to have to bring up really stupid children, because they'll have the historical records, it'll be very clear, that all this was there for you to fix, and instead you decided on your orgy of hypocrisy, your orgy of underserved self-righteousness, your orgy of blaming and taunting, rather than standing up and being what the world needs to be; being the example, blazing the path out of this. 
Stop it.

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