097. Each day I fail, my client's suffer and die; no matter how good I felt attempting; no matter how hard I tried.

Yes friends, this is somewhat redundant, as were the thousands of laps that I swam as a college swim team captain.  As were the hundreds of falls I took on hundreds or thousands of ski runs, as are the hundreds of times that I've used personal trainers, and these most recent personal trainers to reshape my nervous system in radically different directions as needed by the situations; as were the 120 or so minutes that Teresa of Calcutta spent every day, every day in what she called prayer, to be what the world needed her to be; and same with Gandhi, and King?
Everything, all hundred and five characteristics come as a result of engaging the family emergency response – absolute solidarity; all come immediately, or over time as the one in family emergency response applies themselves.  Without family emergency response the characteristics can be mimicked, counterfeit versions manifest, imitation versions (by counterfeit I didn't mean derogatory) practiced, imitation versions are fashioned by the head and the flesh. Oh yes. They're not the equivalent. They're not the same, they're not remotely the same.  They don't have the courage, the vision, the inclusiveness, the wisdom, the power, the reach, these faux characteristics. 
History's enormously potent and effective unviolent warriors - were they a product of deliberate action to create themselves?  Were they a product of circumstance, of upbringing?  Some combination of all three.   But whoever we've known as an insanely humane warrior throughout history, has been in complete solidarity with those they serve; as in complete solidarity as I am with my leg if it is about to be run over by a car; I'm in complete solidarity with that leg. 
When we have seen activists that were potent, that were world changing on a small or large scale, they were in complete solidarity with those that were serving, because there's no other way to trigger the nervous system to that level of performance.  And this is almost never seen, this is almost never understood, this is virtually never understood, by activists in the last 40 years, by most so called activists ever.  
And everything depends upon, and everything comes with this utter and complete solidarity.  And disconnected from this, that every second I fail, every day I fail, every month I fail, every year I fail, every decade I fail, my clients suffer and die.... When we disconnect from this absolute solidarity, or when we fail to establish it within ourselves, we get decades of failure, and our clients get decades of needless, unjust, criminally negligent suffering and death.  And do we, less than in 100%, immediate family solidarity, feel badly about that?  Yes.   And, as long as we stay disconnected from this truth, this solidarity, with their suffering and death being exactly like it were our own, will we ever jump to the level where we make the miracle likely, of changing the status quo, which is what's causing the suffering, and what's causing the death? 
As long as we stay disconnected, not in complete solidarity, will we ever jump to the level of miracle worker?  Impossible.  But we will happily collect the gratification from being a nice person, from 'trying', probably collect a paycheck from some nice nonprofit, applause from our friends….
But unless the cycle is broken now friend, we've so bankrupt our mother Earth that it's curtains on a livable future for 200 billion starting with every young person today.


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