067. The only activist - one waging their entire being, fully accountable, for the global neediest.



The definition of activist, in the eyes of our Creator, in the eyes of truth, is one, and only one, thing - The person waging their very being, their life, everything they have and everything they are, with total accountability for the global neediest that they've selected. Rachel Corey, Egyptian revolutionaries, Alice Paul and her sisters….  Living today, the one that I know for sure, Dianne Wilson, the only one that I know for sure. Our sister Hope, I think.  Brian, maybe.  The marchers on the salt works in India, Steven Biko and the dozens like them who totally waged their lives against the violence of the apartheid regime in S Africa. The Jews that are placing their bodies between massively sub-human Israeli settlers, rapers and plunderers all, thieves, thugs, and their brothers and sisters the Palestinian farmers, the targets of the thugs. The Buddhist monks in Tibet self-immolating, the Buddhist Monks who so heroically stood up for their population about a year and a half ago in Myanmar. The revolutionaries in Tahrir square who said 'kill me if you want, torture me if you want imprison me if you want, but I’m not sitting down."  Those are activists; nothing less is.

"But Loving, there are thousands of activists in this country, there are thousands, certainly hundreds in this city, DC"- NO; there are, my brothers and sisters all, hacktivists, yacktivists, ‘act’ivists, whacktivists….. They're accountable to who? History? Those in history that through unviolent warfare have achieved things? No. They're not accountable to the greats in history, and in no way do they measure themselves to them. Those icons were accountable for results, today's hacktivists that call themselves activists? No, the fastest way to either clear a room or make yourself entirely totally unwelcome among today's 'activists' is to talk about accountability. How are we actually going to win this? How are we actually going to take personal responsibility for this stopping? You want to make yourself totally persona non grata in Republican circle? Tell them you think that global warming  is real. Want to make yourself totally persona non grata among 'activists' in 2012? Tell them that you want to take personal responsibility, not for ‘opposing’ environmental genocide, but for actually stopping it in 2012. That's the last that you'll actually see anyone, once they realize that you're serious. You’ve just cleared the room, and you are no longer welcome.

No, there are no 'activists,' virtually no activists today, they're ‘act’ivists, like virtually all these last 40 years in the US. I think it's said that - is it religion or democracy is the 'last refuge of scoundrels?' No. Activism is the last refuge of scoundrels. That is the place where people go that want to escape any and all accountability for, personal responsibility to their clients, to history, to responsibility, to method, to  personal accountability, personal measurement. These last 40 years 'activism' is a club, where the only responsibility to is to hold everyone outside of your circle to the most unattainable, unachievable, cruel, unrealistic requirements and expectations, and yourself and your colleagues to absolutely none. It's the last refuge of scoundrels.

These are my brothers and sisters all, some of whom I've come to personally love dearly.  If anything ever brings them alive they will be among the most happy on Earth, it's a living death that they're in but there are no 'activists,'

Diane Wilson is the one I know personally and by name, and I've named others above, living and dead, whose names I don't know. Those are activists. And then there are a few that may be emerging in Occupy DC, and there’s Hope, but it is too soon to be sure.

We know what a Marine looks like, we know what a brain surgeon looks like, we know what an Olympic runner looks like. I've reminded you what a real, potent activist looks like. If you want to stay in your denial, live it up. If you think these times are too serious to continue to indulge denial, I've just shown you how to wake up, and what to wake up to become.  Hurry, for the Joy of it; for the Life and future of it.

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