060. My Family is those waging their Being, their Life, for the Global Neediest. They’re your Family too.



My family is those waging their lives, waging their very being, for humanity, the Rachel Corey's, the Christ Jesus' the Gandhi’s, the King’s, the Dianne Wilsons... some of the Jews, the real Jews, using their bodies as human shields between the vile, hideous, subhuman Israeli settlers, my brothers and sisters all, and the Palestinian farmers whose orchards they’re trying to destroy and steal, and whose bodies they're trying to kill. That's my family.

I'm brother and sister to all, I love all, but my Family, those with whom I am kin, are those waging their lives for our global neediest, that's with whom I identify, that's with whom I feel a kinship, that's with whom I feel a common bond of species.

I love all, but my family is those waging their lives, their very being, their every breath, for the well-being of humanity.

For Loving, I have two, and probably three, maybe four in my life immediately.

My sister SC wages a much more private war for humanity, but it includes being the one person since  my radical rebirth that has been an unshakable rock and support since the beginning, literally saving my life on one or more occasions.

And my sister in Christ, Hope, who though hearing a very different kind of call than I, more and more completely is a fearless warrior for the victory of global Love over the greed, the fear, the hatred that is in the final stages of killing us.

Diane Wilson, who through my abrasiveness, orneriness, stubbornness, aggressiveness I push away from time to time, but even were our relationship to end, she’d still be my family because the entire world is her family.

Brian, of Occupy DC, the brightest hope I’ve seen in DC these long 8 years or so.

And John, and Louise with Occupy DC.  Will they make it?  I pray, for them, for us all.  I’m deeply admiring of their efforts, and full of prayer that they prevail.  And others in Occupy DC – Johnny, Jesse….

And maybe, hopefully, there are others emerging, but it is far from clear to me.  But I pray, and use my final hours to be a prayer that they make it.  We’re doomed unless they and those like them make it.

And these people that are my Family, my Kin are your true Family. They wage their lives, they wage their very being, for you. That's family.

As a youth, the man Jesus who Loving has always loved, my brain exploded with his speaking to those who said 'Your Mother and your brothers outside are outside', to which Jesus responded ,"My mother and my brothers are those who do the Creator's will." But he was right, of course. Jesus was virtually always correct. Our family, yours and mine, are those that truly love us and love is seen nowhere except in what we do, and those who truly love us are waging every breath, their entire being, their entire life against the needless suffering, against the horrors, and in this case against the impending environmental Armageddon for the next 2,000 generations. The one, longest and clearest member in my family, in my life, is my beloved sister SC who has been unfailingly supportive of my work, agreeing with it sometimes disagreeing, but unfailingly, courageously supportive of my work these last 13 years and has literally nourished me back to life on at least one and maybe multiple occasions. What a gift she is, what a joy she is.

My long lost fiancé, who now fights as best she knows for decency and sanity in the world.

The numbers may grow. Jesus' Family was zero, except for Mary as near as we can tell, while he lived; there was no one standing with Jesus, there was no one waging their life for the wellbeing of humanity. That happened after his death.

Since the beginning of this death fast, for the first time in Loving’s eight years or so in DC, I've begun to see some people possibly moving in the direction of waging their being for the well-being of humanity, and if and when that happens, although they're my brothers and sisters all, the size of my Family may increase. That's not my goal, but that would be a joy, and the greatest possible Hope for humanity. In a way it is my goal, because waging one's life for the well-being of others, which is such a rarity in this society, it's not a rarity among the cells in your body. It's not a rarity among the organs in your body, it's what life does.

We're so corrupt, and so fallen that we've stopped being family to one another. We have become sub-human. Our religion is to be sub-human, less than human – predators, well dressed beasts. So in a way our salvation will only come as we start to become really Family to one another, but in my life, although I see those hovering, I see those wondering, it remains to be seen whether they're the seed on the path, on the stone, among the thorns, or on good Earth. Time will tell.

My love doesn't change whether someone's my Family or not. My love for them doesn't change. But what they are changes. And those who are Family are fully alive. Those who are not are fully dead, first to themselves, and then to others.  And Jesus gave his life to bring us to Life. And he told us to ‘love as he loved,’ and that's been my choice, to learn to do that. And thank the Creator I've listened to Him, and thank the Creator I've made progress, because if you're wise you will envy every aspect of my life, you will envy every aspect of my joy, just as I always embraced and envied that of Jesus and King and Gandhi, and my dad, and I was right. And I moved myself in that direction, and I'm now in heaven on Earth. I believe in none other.  And now the Personal Trainer is yours.  Use it?

And of you love your children, or your nieces and nephews, and your grandkids, you'll move yourself in the same direction and you'll do it now. And the creator has given us one last set of heart-paddles to re-start our cold, dead hearts. And that's the Truth of the Armageddon we’re about to make unstoppable; that in 2012 we will decide whether the next 2,000 generations are living in hell or moving in the direction of heaven. It's time to become Family to us all; for yourself, and for all creation.

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