042. I’m A Pioneer. Living, embracing the unknown. They waited till they had a perfect map, plan, did Lewis and Clark, right.? Not. Me either



Friends, true now, as was true through most of my adulthood, if the fate of the world depended upon Loving speaking for 5 min. accurately and intelligently about the entire world of sports, of the entire world of entertainment, what Fox news has to say, what new cars are coming out, the latest or a year ago saga of reality TV, then the world would be forfeit.  I am the most focused individual you'll ever meet.   Long ago I learned that when we choose to do something, when we choose to know something, when we choose to pay attention to something, we've chosen many things not to know, because we're finite creatures, we only have so much time.  

What I've chosen to know throughout my life, is how to develop new things, develop new businesses, develop new products, bring new concepts to market, turn around failing situations, organizations, win against impossible odds, NOW.  This is what I've done my entire life, with significant success. 

My point is that there are few people that know this, and it's vital that on some significant aspects, others get up to speed immediately, because we don't have time to keep going through the same learning curve over and over again.  And we don't have time to make the mistakes that otherwise will occur. 

It seems to me this is the way to introduce the subject -  Lewis and Clark waited until they had a perfect map before they embarked on their journey west, right?  They knew how to get there, they had a perfect plan on what to bring, how long it would take, what to pack, how to get back, what they would find....  And of course, they had none of those things, did they?  No new venture ever does, especially - Averting climate Armageddon, stopping global warming, now, using 21st century  Unviolent warfare techniques.  These are all new things.  Anyone looking for perfection, anyone looking for clarity,  anyone looking for arguments and knowledge that's bullet proof, please wake up, or please get out-of-the-way.  I love you.  You're my brothers and sisters all, these are times for people of courage.  

To speak of  those without courage, it's not derogatory to say so of them; someone without a healthy body, it's not derogatory to say so. It's a fact that can be verified our otherwise.  

From a standing start, in less than 12 months for WWII, the entire US economy had switched from peacetime manufacturing to wartime manufacturing producing something like a quarter million planes, tanks, vehicles, ships.  It was messy folks.  It was constant inventing, it was constant errors, and it was constant learning, fast enough so that the job got done.  And it got done well.  It was not for the faint of heart. 

This is new venture development.  Anyone that's going to embark on saving the future of the next 2000 generations, 200 billion people, this is not for the faint of heart.  This is for the Lewis and Clark's, and their first, second and third waves of joiners.   This kind of creativity is necessary.  This kind of vision is necessary.  Finding the effective truths of how to get this done, not the esoterics, but what's it going to take to get the job done.  There's never been such an opportunity to be alive.  There's never been such an important human opportunity.  This is a banquet friends, but it is not for the faint of heart. 

And for God sakes, if you find yourself in conversation with someone, and you're trying and someone is nit picking with you about, 'Oh, you don't know this part right, you don’t know that part right…,'  immediately try to discern if there's a shred of humanity in them.  If there's a shred of truth seeking in them.  In all likelihood there's not.  If there is, give it a quick shot but otherwise you just have to move on.  We've gotta find the people of courage like the ones that in less than a year, totally redirected the US economy in World War II.

As to the masses,  we sheeple, you actually don't want them involved, you don't want to engage them, yet.  They frighten easily and when they get frightened, they nay say, and they bash, and they try to kill, and almost always do so, because otherwise their self-image is at stake.  I'm not being derogatory.  This is how works.  Don't try to include everyone.  Have an eye toward the courageous, and until there is such a core of pioneers and early adapters, DON’T PASS GO. 

I don't know what the population was at the time of Lewis and Clark.  But it was a miniscule amount of people that followed them on the second and third waves out to California, that followed their path.  But they became the path-blazers.  They became the evidence, the facts-on-the-ground that then unleashed the masses, and so it was with the women suffragists.  So too with the ultimately 400, only 400 freedom riders, first just 30, and that unleashed 400, and that was the match that ignited  millions . 

Don't go for the masses, you don't want the masses early on, they'll kill this.  You don't want them early.  You're looking for the one million, the Lewis and Clark, the pioneer, early adapter, someone with courage, the ones with vision.  They're the spark plug, they're the initial ignition, they're the match.   Get that going, and then begin to add those with less vision and courage. 

Don't get sucked into arguments within your own head, or with others -  Oh, this isn't perfect, Oh, you're not ready.  You know what?  This is World War III.  We've been waging it, our lower angels have been waging it on our children, unopposed,  for 30 years now.  It may be too late to turn it around now.  There's not a second to be wasted on people that don't summon the courage, don't summon the vision, don't summon the wisdom, don't summon the sanity to realize where we are and that perfection is irrelevant.  Being ready is irrelevant.  Getting the job done is relevant.

Lewis and Clark didn't wait until they had a map.  They didn't wait till they knew what to bring, how long it would take, what  to wear.  They saw an opportunity, and they went.  That's how all new opportunities develop.

And saving 200 billion people, starting with our children, is a new opportunity, no one's been here before. Don't harbor the illusion that they have. 

Embrace the banquet that's this, the most important opportunity in all human history

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