004. 'I'm Living, fighting, worthy, because I'm dying to help our neediest Family, every breath devoted thereto,' MLK paraphrase with license

Same as “GWD.F”

Was Jesus out to lunch?  Really?

Was King flat-out wrong or lying to us? Really?

Was Gandhi a stupid model for us to follow? Really?

The woman who heard gunfire on the street of New York this year, and placed her body as a shield for a girl I think she didn't know; was she a bad model of what it means to be alive? The cell that faithfully follows the instructions of its DNA instead of succumbing to its own desires and becoming cancer; is that foolish? The heart that for ninety years never misses a beat, selflessly serving the body; is that silliness?

There's no evidence to suggest that we're some evolutionary leap away from that. 'Whoever would hold on to their life will lose it. Whoever would give up their life will win it,' Jesus taught, and lived. Who was more alive....Dr King, standing up and speaking against the Vietnam war, being assassinated a year later, knowing it was putting another crosshairs on his chest, or the millions hiding behind their beloved uncertainty and not speaking up? Who is more alive? To paraphrase Dr. King with liberties, but I'm sure he would approve, "A person is not living, a person is not loving, a person is not fighting, a person's life is worthless who is not dying for, who is not giving their life for, the neediest of our populations,' that right now are the two-thousand generations that our apathy and our cowardice are condemning to hell on Earth. Was he wrong? In that same talk or sermon he said that, he went on to say "Somewhere in our life we're each going to receive a call from that still small voice within, (to use Gandhi's term) to put our life on the line and if we say no to that call we may live another fifty years, we may live until we're ninety, but we died on the day that we said no to that call.

If you still have a heart, if you search your heart, you will know that he was correct

And what's infinitely more important than your own life, is the fact that you cannot escape leading others with your own life. It's inescapable. The only choice you have is what direction you will lead others and to what degree.

If you've been dead, if you've been spending your life, as I spent almost all of my life, turning away from the call, now is the time to turn toward it. Toward Life. Life is found in racing toward the emergency, no place else.  It's found in dealing with the emergency of our fellow human beings, no place else. Think of those around you, think of your children. Think of your children's children. Think of your nieces and nephews. Think of your spouse, your partner. Are you going to continue to lead them to living Death? The Death that Jesus gave his life to save us from, to show us how to save ourselves from, teachings we've been ignoring and distorting for 1800 years? Are you really going to continue to embrace that Death and lead everyone you care about toward that same Death?  Or are you going to choose a different path?

You are not living, you are not fighting, if you are not dying for our global neediest, during a day, spread over forty days, spread over eighty years. Teresa of Calcutta was dying for decades to self (though to her is was Joy) to save her brothers and sisters ... in Calcutta.  She was dying for that, every breath, every fiber of her being, everything she had. Will you continue to submit to Death and lead others to it, or will you stand now for Life and lead your loved ones to it? This was the choice that Jesus gave, reminded us of, this was the choice that Gandhi and King died to remind us of. This is Life, this is heaven, this is nirvana, this is total peace of heart, and if you don't lead those around you in that direction, it's very simple, you are leading them away from heaven, the only one there is, the only nirvana, the only peace of heart, the only joy – here, now.

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