028. The Living, Objective, Urgent, Moral Truth is the Cornerstone of my every breath, and hope


So you're a world-renowned Dr., and someone you think the world of, who you would give your life for, has a disease, and so far it's un-diagnosable, no one knows what it is.  What is your every fiber now focused on?  Discovering the truth of that disease, correct?  What it is, how it functions, how can be stopped, how it can be cured. 

This is the potent activist, friend.  This is the INSHE warrior, just as all hope, all strength, all power, all focus for that Dr. was on the truth, so it is, always, for the potent activist.   Knowing the truth of the moral lapse, of the moral breach, that is  causing the pain that they are dedicated to bring justice to.  Understanding the human dynamics that would allow such a breach to exist, and therefore the truth of how to cure it.  And as they learn that truth they become the embodiment of it, the expresser of it, the live instrument of it, the speaker of it, the actor on it.  If you find a potent activist, you find a devote to the truth, as truth is the only power source, the only basis on which justice can be brought. It is the entire basis, on which justice, on which remedy, on which what's right can be brought.

Become such a person.  This is why Gandhi said, as inscribed on his beautiful statue in front of the Indian Embassy, there is one thing, and one thing only for which the person should immediately be willing to sacrifice their life, the truth.  And of course he meant, the truth of what brings the well-being of the individual, of the group, and of humanity.  

Be that change we need to see in the world.

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