052. Uses time like lives depend on every nanosecond, because they do. Every nano-second


Who says you should want to be a potent activist?  That's up to you.  I'll tell you if you're not, you're probably done, just like, if my father’s generation hadn’t put on uniforms by the millions, DC would be covered in Nazi flags.  If it's to be, it's up to thee. 

If you don't do it, why would anyone else?  We haven't seen any real activism in 40 years now - Diane Wilson, Rachel Corrie, some of the people working on the Palestinian issues - occasionally some sheroism out of Green Peace, often out of Sea Shepherds... but they are by far the exception, whereas in the 60s, to my shame I had nothing to do it, but there was real activism.

If you can think of a real activist, someone that's brought major change throughout history, that didn't value every second, as though it was someone's live, I can't.  I can't think of such a person.  Gandhi didn't hang out.  If you find Diane Wilson at a party, you'll find her over in a corner sitting by herself thinking, planning, or working with people on a campaign.  Alice Paul declined marriage to someone she was passionate about, because she knew the lives were depending upon her work, and was unwilling to sacrifice those lives. 

Who should say that you should be a potent activist?  But if you're in denial, if you're in delusion, and think you are one, and you're not, you're depriving yourself of the choice of saving your world, or squandering it for a few months or a few years of activist masturbation, pseudo-activist masturbation, and hence I share this essay, this Personal Trainer with you.
Do with it what you want .  I'll not chase you down.  Soon I may not be around the chase you down, but I wouldn't anyway. 

But if you're, huh, understandably, equating activism to what you see around you, what we've seen in the last 40 years - the worst parts of the antiwar movement, the worst parts of the civil rights movement;  if you're following the lost leaders that are trampling on every historical precedent of what's worked, and you're doing it by accident, this material is for you.

Gandhi hanging out with the guys was incomprehensible; he understood what was at stake.  He was at war; he was a total, all out, Unviolent war.  Guys and gals in and a fire fight in Afghanistan, they're not hanging out, they're acting like every second life depends on it, because it does.  Your opposition, they are serious, working 12, 14, 18 hour days, 7 days per week if necessary to be sure you stay defeated.

What calls itself activism in this country is so joyless,  becomes it  holds itself to no account.  When it fails, it goes home. Failure is an option for it. Failure is death, torture, hell for the clients it ALWAYS fails.

Failure was not an option for people that they were supposedly fighting for, they die, they get sick, they get killed, in this case, your children, regardless of your age.   You'll be able to lie your way out of it I suppose.

And if your conscience isn't awake enough to find the guts to step up to standards like this,  holding yourself accountable for each second you have,  not as though it is your second, but it's a second you owe to those who you represent, if you don't find the guts to stand up like that now, you're humanity, all of ours, tends to ebb away quickly in this sick society; so if you don't do it now, you'll never get it figured out.  Real activism realizes that every second is someone's life. 

A device I develop to keep myself honest, many, but but one recently that is among the most powerful - I take the population I'm concerned with, in this case people of 2050 Earth, and I summon them back in time to stand alongside me, and I arm them with AK-47s - they are living the hell that is the current plan, and I want to feel their righteous rage; and if I waste a second of the time that I could use to give them a life worth living, it's joy man, its life.

If you want to waste your life go ahead.  If you want to use it for what you are put here for, to help our global neediest, then listen up.

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