This tool, of about 90 characteristic, it is slightly longer than what’s been my Personal Trainer these last 10 months that have massively accelerated my growth for this current mission – the Death Fast at the Canadian Embassy.  Of course it has occurred to me to shorten the list, and redundancies just glare out begging to be cut.  But no.  A weight trainer needs reps to grow, and so do I.  So do you.  As a college swim team captain, I really didn’t like swimming repetitive laps.  But growth required it.  The reps from this Trianer I rejoice in, but be that as it may, no reps, no growth.  Simple.  Also, the Eskimos have 20 words for ‘snow.’  To southerners the snows all look the same, the different snow types, but not to Eskimos, the experts, the authorities, and in this case, the potent activists in history.

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