016. I’m Antidote to - AFFLOHOLISM. It is mass addiction, insanity. I cut through it, for me, for all.



It has always been mass insanity that is the source of our mass atrocities.  I don't mean in some superficial cliché sense.  I mean the insanity of addiction.  The insanity of Affloholism, the altered mental state where instead of a broad field of view, including humanity, it narrows to deadly, confined, personal interests.  Teams of psychologists descended on Germany after the war, expecting to document the ogres, expecting to document the vile, evil, crazy people in Germany, that prior to the war was easily among the world's most of civilized, educated, liberal, devoted to the arts, literate nations.   And the results of the studies were clear and consistent - these are ‘normal’ people, the studies indicated.  These were nice, normal people like us.  

I've known that for decades . What hit me only recently was, that says that people that are considered nice and normal, in our modern-day society, do horrible atrocious things.  It is normal, quote normal, in people considered normal, western societies considered normal, in this modern-day world, to do en masse, incredibly atrocious things; and let's not allow ourselves the intellectual dishonesty of saying, 'well whose doing the Holocaust today?'  You, by not standing up and putting your body in the way of the genocidal, global warming, are doing on a scale what Hitler never would've dreamed he could do on such a scale.  

To stop it requires - shocking, and for a problem of this nature, affloholism, as for alcoholism, it is exposure to such shockingly heroic human health, human love, human selflessness, human giving, human courage that it shocks awake that part of the addicted, otherwise criminally insane, criminally Affloholic, criminally addicted parties.  

There is no other way.  There's no other diagnosis, and you would want there to be?  This is to say that the way to cure this, is to become a ragingly healthy human being yourself, to become a Gandhi, King, Jesus an Oscar Romero, a Teresa of Calcutta, a Rachel Corrie, a Diane Wilson.   King, Gandhi, Jesus, ignoring the hideous dogma of the so-called church, were emphatic that we were all born to be that sort of person; just like every cell in your body is a heroic entity.  40 billion a day self-terminating, apoptosis it's called, for the well-being of your body.  This is what were born to do, this is what life is,  this is where joy is.  That we’re lost this in this society does not change our biology. 

You must be the cure, your example must be the cure, and what a joyful path for you. 

This is the end time, this is Armageddon.  What's unclear about Armageddon is how it turns out.   Will it be the death of the evil mass infecting our spirit - our Affloholism?  Will it be the beginning of the end of our Affloholism or will our Affloholism finally be the end of the human species, as well as half or more of the species on Earth?

You will decide this.  If it's to be, it's up to thee.  It's always been mass addiction, good people who were mass-addicted to promised material gains, in Germany.  What if a thousand people,  what if 10,000 what if 100,000 had gone on death strike, death fast,  in 1930 and 1932?   The lives  of tens of millions would have been saved.  The misery of 10's of millions would have been saved.

Your action or continued cowardly inaction will make more difference now, than any human's behavior in any time up till now, or any human behavior in the future.  The point of bifurcation, the turning point, the final destruction or final resurrection from the dead, from Affloholism that has been our religion, and our pursuit, will be determined by you, and me, now. 

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