059. Fearful of screwing up my own immortal responsibility. My example will last forever. Must get it right

Hasn’t your notion of immortality been about an after life, life after death, where somehow one is conscious, alive, but in a different state of being?  Well, whereas in my teens, and since, I’ve rejected that, totally, it certainly has been my idea of the prevailing notion among folks.  But I’m now convinced, without the data to submit to you, that central to history’s great activists has been a ‘fear’ of their immortality, but of a different sort.  They, as do I now, realize that in the most important sense possible, how we, our influence, lives on in others, how ALL OF US are  immortal.  None of us cease to exist as influence.  Impossible.  The only variables are direction and degree.

My sense of the great, potent activists is that their Love of Humanity is so great, they ‘fear’ that they won’t leave the most powerful, constructive, potent, hopeful influence possible.  But that if they do, they are at total peace.  They centrally ARE the future of humanity.  That’s their very Life while they exist mortally – the joy or needless suffering of the future!  So, when they get it right, and know that their ongoing influence after mortality, will help, will keep serving, uh, what’s the big deal about mortality?  “Death is nothing to be sad about.  The only thing to be sad about is to know that you are not a saint.”  Teresa of Calcutta.


Over tens of thousands of hours – Loving’s worked and worked and worked, to be sure that everything I am, everything I have been given, everything I value, everything I've seen by standing on the shoulders of giants, with everything I have, and everything I am, is in the blog 'Start Loving,’ and secondarily, reflected in Tracking Plan B blog,  primarily Start Loving blog. 

Is it easy, that blog?  One of the two great books on psychology, Alfred Adler's ‘Individual psychology’  is only 600 pages, but it took me weeks to read, the slowest read I've ever had, because it is at the same time so elegantly simple, and so infinitely deep.  It wasn't easy, but in weeks,  I was able to get the essence of a lifelong brilliant learning, Adler's.  My mastery of Gandhi, my mastery of King, were they easy?  Not easy enough that there are more than 1 in a million who have done the same reading, so deeply, that it becomes part of their DNA. 

No the Start Loving blog is not easy, but if lightning struck me, I have been aware of this for a long time, if lightning struck me and wiped out everything I know, I could spend another 30, 40 years reconstructing myself, with all the reading, all the study, all the experience...  or, I could reboot myself in months at the Start Loving blog. 

But Loving, you'll be dead.  Really?  Gandhi's not dead, he's alive in me.  Martin Luther King's not dead, he's alive in  me.  Jesus isn't dead, he's alive in me.   And not to suggest I'm the only one in whom they're alive, but there aren't more than 1  in a million of us in whom they are really alive, because there aren't more than 1 million of us who turn off the TV, the parties, the distractions, the intoxications…and other garbage long enough, to devote themselves to working these great wisdoms and learnings into their  cellular structure.  Not as robots, not as scripts, but as deep, empowering, essential understanding of who these people were, what they learned, profiting from what they knew, and what they had chosen to become. 

So if Loving’s dead, Gandhi, King, Jesus… are dead, if their voice is silent, that's your choice, you chose that.  Because Jesus didn't go silent when crucified. King didn't go dead when shot.  Gandhi didn't go dead.  We are all immortal.  It's inescapable.  We all live on.  It's inescapable, as has just been described of King, Gandhi and Jesus.   The question is, whether what lives on is constructive for humanity or destructive.  Is it of the Creator, or is it of the destroyer.   Does it serve the Creator, or does it serve the Destroyer.

Loving serves the Creator.  Credit be mine?  Credit to the Creator.   The only credit I deserve is to be reviled for taking to so long to have my gifts blossom.   But I am near unique in being a Gandhi-esque, a King-esque, a Jesus-esque repository today.  There may be many others.  I hope there are millions.  I don't see any, my brothers and sisters all, excepting Diane, Hope, and maybe the emerging, Brian, and I hope, John.... 

So if you let my voice stay dead, because it's been dead, I've been so marginalized, so ignored.  It's been dead.  Now that I've announced my death, some people are starting to listen, it's for the first time a tiny bit hopeful. 

But if you let my voice die, if you let me die, you've made a terrible choice for yourself.  You've made a terrible choice for humanity. 

For God sakes don't make that choice.  No credit to me what was given to me.  Condemnation to you if you let it die, and more importantly condemnation will be the consequence to you and children, and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, on your hands.

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