049. No. 1 Indicator - I Exist in Total solidarity/loving with EVERY human and ALL of Creation


Why is there a song, 'We are the world,' that was wildly popular?  Why was a silly Coke commercial decades ago, 'I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony,' why was that wildly successful?  Why do many of our movies feature heroes whose life is devoted to saving the stranger?  Because that circuitry is the most gratifying to exercise within us, in our entire nervous system.  Yet it exists in a culture that reviles it, because the culture, and we mutated by it, would rather sell stuff to our head and flesh, and buy the intoxications the stuff offers.  

It's not the type of environment we were created for, the tribes of 30 to 40 people of many thousand years ago where everyone we saw was part of us, and all of creation we saw as part of us.

The INSHE warrior, the potent activists, their nervous system is the world, they are the world.  I didn't say they think they areworld.  I didn't say they wonder about the world.  I said they are the world, they experience themselves as the world. 

Do you remember Obi-Wan Kenobi and Star Wars when, was it, Tatooween, was destroyed by the Death Star. Obi-Wan was, we can guess, thousands of light-years away, and felt it instantly as a crushing blow.  He was the universe, and the universe was him.  Very adaptive, when the culture fosters, rather than eviscerates such unity, such solidarity.

The INSHE warrior has returned to their sanity, to their health, to the proper functioning of the nervous system.  They are the world, the pain of the world is their pain, the potential joy of the world is their joy, that's how big they are friends.  That's how big Gandhi was.  That's a big Jesus was.  That's how big King was.  Something I always wanted to be, too.  It's as big as my dad was, and with years of work, hours a day of focused prayer, which this work book, this Personal Trainer book can be for for you as it ihas been for me, and years of practice, exercise, failure and success I too have returned to normalcy, health.  If you find in yourself the yearning to be the universe, to be the world, to be brother or sister to all humanity, universal family, use this Personal Trainer, and it will happen for you.

It's often said to Loving here, 'Take care of yourself,' as I'm here on death fast with less than a month of pulse left.  'I am taking care of myself, exactly.  I am those 200 billion people, that we're condemning to hell on earth.  What's sitting here is just one of the cells in my body, most of the rest have yet come into existence.'  That's how it is.

Friend, the INSHE warrior is the most enviable creature on earth.  Get past the lies that are spread by our head and flesh culture ,that the INSHE warriors are to be respected. but you sure don't want to live like that.  You can only, only, only Live, like that.  Everything else is The Matrix.  What will it be for you?  The blue pill or the red pill?  And so you lead, to the same health or lack thereof, everyone you influence.  You can't escape that.

Where are you going to continue to lead your life, and to lead them?

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