017. Entirely of Heart Force, Demanding, Inspiring, Modeling the Same.


[Added to vid text]  Friends, the true, potent activist, the INSHE Warrior, is in the miracle business.  Huh?  Well, think about it - ousting Mubarak was a miracle, impossible, objectively, truly.  As were every major human rights struggle won you or I can think of.  Not some metaphysical miracle, an objective, the impossible made to happen, miracle.  This is the work that needs to be done, and this is what the True activists throughout history have devoted themselves to.  The miracle business.  The part of our nervous system, head and flesh, these are so primitive, so weak, they are not the place of miracles. Oh, they have a major role to be sure.  But Miracles, when they come, regardless of the field, come not from our Head or Flesh, but from our Heart, the 80% of the nervous system Einstein observed we don't use - the seat of intuition, vision, unity, solidarity, conscience, wisdom, insight, courage...

[Vid transcription resumed]  All warfare is a psychological, wars of violence, wars of Unviolence.  Whoever wins in the psyche wins the war. 

In wars of violence when the opposing forces in their within their nervous system, decide they've had enough, they 'surrender.' 

In wars of unviolence, like in the civil rights movement, when the Kennedys, when the citizens the United States, decided they'd witnessed enough undeserved suffering, that they'd seen enough suffering,  they didn't surrender, they 'converted' to the new way of being, more in solidarity, brotherhood, sisterhood... than before.  Humanity exercised, and expanded.

The battle of violence, which is to violate that which is the other's, to bring them to submission, the battle of violence is directed at the head and the flesh of the nervous system of the opponent.  It is designed to cause the head and the flesh to submit; the head to see that no more suffering made sense ,no more destruction is acceptable; the flesh to find itself unwilling to bear any more pain.

All Unviolent warfare worthy of the name ,with the promise of success, is directed from the heart to the heart.  A wonderful line from Gandhi movie Gandhi "I'm asking you to fight, to fight against their anger, not to provoke it."  He was all about conversion, being what the world needed to be, and converting people to that view through largely through his example of selflessness, otherishness, giving of self, that is the language of the heart.  The heart only knows community; the heart only knows universal solidarity; the heart only knows universal love.  And the Potent Activist, being of the heart, those observing, often cannot help but have their own hearts aroused, engaged and exercised and then the battle is two thirds won. 

The weapons of the Unviolent warriors ,self immolation, hunger strike , death fast, done from the heart ,are the bunker busters, today it's the death fast, are the bunker busters of the heart, when done from the heart.  The heart does not know physical violence.  It does not know how to do it.  It's only knows that it's wrong.  The heart is the highest form of human intelligence, is the only seat of courage, it is only universal, never conditional.   The entire focus of the Unviolent warrior is to always have their own heart, in charge, and to be in a way that invokes the heart, which is sanity, the only sanity, in the apparent opponent. 

And that's not to say that Hitler would've been converted; that's not to say that Harper in Canada would be converted; or George Bush or Dick Cheney.  That doesn't matter.  The onlookers are what matter.  Converting enough of the onlookers, and some of the opponents.

It appears that in apartheid South Africa, was de Klerk, was converted.  To some degree, the British in India were converted.  To a profoundly degree, racist Americans were converted by the heart directed, heart targeted, Unviolent warfare of the respective Unviolent warriors.

Unviolent warriors are not people of metal masturbation.  They're not people of self-indulgence of the flesh, they don't have time.  Because their hearts are engaged, not there head in their flesh, their hearts are devoted every waking breath to the needs of those with whom they are in solidarity -= those who are suffering, those who are tortured, those who are at risk of death.

'Gandhi what is it you're counting on, what is what is it you're trying to leverage?'  Heart force.   Satyagraha, Soul force, Truth force.  'What do you mean by that Gandhi.'  'I mean the love of mother for her child.'

That's the love that engages the Unviolent warrior, and that's the love that the Unviolent warrior attempts to engage in the opponent, and when it's engaged, 99% of the battle is won.  The rest is details, and outcomes that just happen when the Hearts are engaged, like spring flowers follow rain.

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