021. I'm an antidote to the cowardly, insane inaction of the Left, and therefore, the Right's hatred of that


The one thing that Gandhi could abide less than anything else was cowardice, inaction.   Which is more guilty of that, the left or the right in the United States?  The left, hands down.  Remember the Tea Party, our brothers and sisters all? 

The insanely greedy on the right and the corporations they are acting for what they want.  Every day.  They're not whining, they're not begging, they're not cajoling.  They're acting forthrightly to a significant degree.  So, trappings of true, potent activism are seen on the right and almost never seen on the left.  Writing e-mails for the seventh year in a row, writing articles for the eighth year in a row, is nothing more than activist masturbation that has no trappings of courage.  That has no trappings of true, potent activism.  

Trapping of true, potent activism are seen far more on the right than they are on the left in the last 40 years, and is it any wonder that the right detests the left their cowardice?  So would Gandhi.

Show us the way out of this insanity; this deadly, soon terminal cowardice.

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