I am what I am because of this, and prior versions of Personal Trainers

Friends, forgive me for not being smart enough to figure out what you need to know.  My limitations are such that I’m only just smart enough, able enough, to have figured out each day what I, Loving, need to know  and do to become what the world needs of me.  I learned to ski, largely in the summertime, lying in bed at night, till all hours, doing run, after run after run in my head and body, feeling the errors, feeling my shortcomings, and figuring out what I was inadequate in, and plugging those holes, reshaping myself, turn by turn, fall by fall, crash by….  About 18 years ago, one unlike me, born and raised in the Rockies – ‘You are the best skier I’ve ever seen.’ Since I finally learned that Joy is not on the hill, but in being what our global neediest need us to be, that’s where I’ve devoted myself, to become that, and I’ve refined the process, and developed tools, centrally this Personal Trainer, to vastly accelerate and improve my learning, reshaping, becoming process.  This version is an enhancement of what’s been my daily, or many times a day companion.

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