064. According to the Status Quo (rt, ctr AND lft) - I'm Extreme, weird, insane, unreasonable, dangerous, unapproving.... I'm good with all that


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Uh, Gandhi wore a loin cloth – Churchill considered him a nut, and the Indian upper casts were scandalized.

Alice Paul never married, to my knowledge, very weird for her day.

Diane Wilson’s book:  “An Unreasonable Woman,”  inspired by George Bernard Shaw’s words:  The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

MLK Jr:  Kept he and his bio-family on death threat for the duration of his activst career.

No.  No.  ‘Extreme’ is people living normal lives in the final months, when environmental Armageddon, for their children, grandchildren, and the next 2000 generations could be averted, the greatest horror in human history could be averted, without of the risk that the Egyptian revolutionaries took, without a fraction of the cost of winning WWII, without a fraction of the technical requirements of putting a man on the moon.  That level of apathy, inhumanity, insanity, deadness... that's extreme.  That's weird.

Have you seen "Hunger Games?"  What did you think of the people in the city?  Weren't they like horrible?  Weren't they like skeletons?  Weren't they like, walking-dead?  That's you, friend.  That's me, for most of my years.  That's we 300 million Americans, or at least the adult population thereof.  That's weird.  That's extreme.

I'm one of 1000 people, that  for the joy of it, the sanity of it, the 'normalcy' of it, that needs to jump on their portion of the global warming grenade, that if we don't, will be the torture and death of roughly 200 million people each, in the next 2000 generations.  It's a lot for each one of us.  1000 can save 200 billion, from hell on earth.

Friends, extreme is allowing those driven insane by the prospects of $20-60 trillion in coal, oil, and tar sands reserves, to destroy our children's future.  And more extreme, is the rest of us sitting and watching, rather than putting everything we have, everything we are, failure-is-not-an-option, in the way, until we win!  That's weird. That's what's extreme.

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