043. No. 1 Indicator - I avoid the minutia, endless meetings, paralysis by analysis…like the Plague, like the Murder it is.


Friends, activists of the last 40 years, my brothers and sisters all, what you live on - endless meetings, verbal masturbation, verbal diarrhea, paralysis by analysis, every, every effective person in history has avoided these more than they would avoid having their teeth pulled, or bamboo shoots put up their fingernails.  This so central that, if you ever want to tell whether you or anyone is a true activist, look if their, or your reaction to meetings.  If you don't get hives, if you don't get agony at even just one second wasted in a meeting, agony at 1 second wasted on an academic, disengaged question about some issue you're working on, you don't have to wonder whether you're a true activist.  Anyone not driven mad by time wasted in meetings, even seconds, is not a potent activist; you are not about the needs of your clients you say care about, not centrally; not in any way that will help.

I'm not condemning such folks, friend.  I'm not asking them to condemn themselves, but all hope lies in the truth of self understanding, first. True activists are merged at the cellular level with the needs of their client populations. They're in agony when a second is wasted. They won't do it.  This is a key indicator, a leading indicator. 

And, let’s say the heart beating in your chest, had the ability to ‘decide,’ ‘uh, I’m not going to beat for a little while.’  What would that be? Well, it would be the equivalent of murder.  Well, the INSHE warriors live as though they are here for one reason, and one reason only – to fight for the life of the human body, the human family, just as does your healthy, beating heart. And any second they decide to not be that, it is murder. By some weird evolutionary leap, are we really here for anything less than to give life?  No.

If one is fake and they want to stay that way, I just made it little harder for them.  If one would actually like to become a potent activist, a real human being, what everyone is born to be, I've just made it a whole lot easier - the true activist knows that each wasted second is a life at risk or lost, and they live embracing that, for the joy of it, for the life of it, because they can't stand the idea of being anything less, which would be to be a subhuman creature.  Join them.

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