061. I Scrupulously manage my own business. RELIGIOUSLY AVOID managing other's


'Oh, we don't want leaders.  No not in our Occupy movement.' 

Okay, so then you don't want leaders on your surgical team operating on your loved one, right?  One of these is crazy, friends, and it’s the idea of having no leaders.  What is death to hope, what is death to humanity, is having bosses.  Everyone needs to be a leader; everyone is needed as a leader, not less than that; everyone is the only one that has their vantage point, their knowledge.  Within their sphere, they need to lead, which is the ultimate service.  But never be a boss!  To boss is to subordinate the highest resources of others, the Heart and Conscience.  We need to draw out the higher resources of others.  The heart in ourselves and others, is what we need to draw on.  It will not be subordinated; only the head and the flesh will be subordinated, and when they are, now you've lost the strongest part of what's needed, the heart.

The potent unviolent warriors are scrupulous about minding their own business, and telling other people what to do, pressuring them, expressing your dissatisfaction, expressing how disappointed you are... are different forms of minding other people's business. 

Why don't the potent warriors mind the business of others?  Because they are consummate leaders.  Their whole business is drawing the best out of others, and minding the business of others is consummate enabling of cowardice, enabling of un- responsibility, enabling of the head and the flesh.  INSHE warriors are not that stupid.   Potent unviolent warriors are too greedy to allow themselves such counter productive behavior.  They need the heart of those working with them, or they need those people to go away,  though they still are brothers and sisters, they need to get them out of the way, if the heart won’t come forth. 

They will not fall into the trap of enabling head and flesh, telling people what to do, watching over their shoulder.

They're Alice Paul.  The senator's wife comes into the office.  'I wonder what I can do?'  Alice puts a piece of paper in the senator's wife's hands.  'This needs to be typed.' ' I've never typed,' the Senator’s wife replies in muted terror. 'The keys have letters...' Alice replies, and moves on.  Alice didn't tell the senator's wife what to do.  She told the senator's wife what needed to be done.  She brought creative tension to bear and left it for the senator's wife to decide how to respond.  And then she gave her more clarity as to what the opportunity was.  She didn't tell her what to do.  She didn't say whether she'd be proud or  disappointed.  It was all between the senator's wife and the senator's wife's heart and conscience.  All that Alice Paul did was facilitate the connection of the two, and be certain not to empower the avoidance mechanism of responsibility - engaging the head and the flesh from arguments over – ‘Oh, you're trying to be the leader,’ ‘Oh, you're trying to boss me,’ ‘Oh, you're trying to tell me what to do,’ ‘Oh, you're getting into my business….’ 

No.  They're such stupid traps to fall into, though I will grant, they are endemic in our culture.  Climb out of The Matrix friends and thereby lead others out of the Matrix. Or, you are leading them in, and soon it will be inescapable, and soon Earth, decent existence, will be destroyed by our lack of humanity.  Don't allow that.

Mind your own business, and thereby create the ultimate likelihood that others will begin to do likewise.

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