013. I Beg nothing, Ask nothing. I Joyfully Pay the Price for what is Rightfully ours. I reject 'Charity,' the instead-of Loving/Solidarity


I'm simply here to collect what is rightfully ours and if the price is our life, our lives, we will happily pay it - the pure  and powerful form of Unviolent warfare throughout history. 

The potent activist never begs anything.  Why?  Do you go in and begged for a new car into the showroom?  I mean, fine, we outgrow that by 16, don't we?   Why?  Because it doesn't work.  Nothing of value is going to be given to an adult for begging.  Shouldn't be  given to a child for begging.  So it's a waste of time in every other pursuit.  Why, in the most important pursuit of all, activism, advocating for the well-being of those without a voice, or without access, why in that most important of pursuits, do we beg, do we whine, do we taunt, do we cajole? 

No, no.  Raise the will among one's fellows, raise the will within oneself, and walk-in willing to pay the ultimate price.  It's very simple.  Everything else is self-indulgent, activist masturbation, and kills time and killing time is to kill our clients.  You don't want that blood on your hands.  You don't want to lead others to have similar blood on their hands. 

Blaze our way back to sanity friends.  No, begging no taunting.  Raise the will, raise the price within yourself and be willing to pay it.

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