070. With every breath I ‘Respect,’ Every person, Every Creature (another word for Loving)


I know of two synonyms for the word love.  Do you?  Pause and think for a moment.  Mind you I'm not speaking of lust, I'm speaking of Love, that which is me about the well-being of the global neediest.   One synonym I mentioned in another video log, another essay – ‘solidarity,’ that's the one I realized recently.  I don't know if anyone else has seen it as a synonym for love. 

The other I learned more than a decade ago, it seems to me, Ashley Montague's writing as I recall, that ‘respect’ and ‘love’ are virtually indistinguishable.  With 'respect' he's not talking about some formal code of conduct.  He's talking about the neurological capacity we have to look at something so carefully that we all but merge with it, and effectively we do merge with it.  As I understand it, whether it's Latin or Greek origin, respect means, ‘to look again.’ 

What  human being is not worthy of respect?  What creature is not worthy of respect?  At what times are a human being, what behaviors, make it correct not respect the individual even for a second?  Maybe when a baton is coming down on your head, right?  Not according to the potent activists as seen in their behavior throughout history.  They allow nothing to interfere with their respect for an individual as an individual, ever.  It's a luxury they don't afford themselves.  It's an inhumanity they don't allow for themselves, in part because, it instantly kills themselves the 'person of hope' that they the activist were, or were becoming, until the lapse in respect.

The insanely humane Unviolent warrior is love incarnate; love is respect.  It's impossible to be loving without respecting. 

We are not talking about respecting behavior here!  That's a whole different thing.  Respectable behavior, loving behavior, courageous behavior... is to be respected.  Everything else is to be disrespected, a duty of communication, of Truth; tho always with the humility of realizing we’ve all failed in our behavior, tho if we Love, less and less with every hour. 

But the individual?  There is no time, no circumstance, no way, no instance, no nanosecond... when anything less than full respect for the individual, is acceptable, for the INSHE warrior.

Now in this most dangerous, most dire of all times, if it's not tough love, it is neither love, nor respect.

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