054. Fear of Death and Living are incompatible. I Have Ceased Crippling our kids with such fear



We are so obsessed with pulse in this society.  We're moving toward 20% of our income to protect our pulse with Health Care (Wealth Care).  What kind of insanity is that?  Which cell in your body places its own life at such a premium?  A cancer cell, but not a healthy cell.  And likewise, we waste our lives obsessively avoiding death - our big houses, fences, over-education, clubs designed to protect us, SUV's so the other family in a smaller car dies....

If I recall correctly, there's a phenomenon called apoptosis, well known in biology.  In your body and mine, something like 40 billion cells will essentially self-terminate today for the well-being of the body. 

I didn't understand it until recently, but Gandhi was obsessed with rooting out any fear of death in his life. 

The man, the soldier, presumably a father, that pushed an Afghan child out of the path of an oncoming vehicle and lost his own life in the process, did he fear death?  The marine that dives on a grenade to save his buddies, did he fear death?  The young woman who on 9/11 was one of the pilots scrambled, apparently it was not possible to load armaments on their jets, so she and the others were told that if they could find one of the hijacked planes they and their plane was to become the missile, a mom I'll guess  she was, Was fully onboard with executing the mission.  Did she fear death?

Our fear of death is pathological friends.

(laughter).  I've often wondered - I was such a hideous child all the way up through the age of 18, such a wasted, over-privileged, pampered little parasite - I've often wondered if my parents hoped I'd kill myself.  They'd let me climb the highest trees and say nothing about it.  They bought me a trampoline which are wonderful for breaking necks.  They'd let me do all sorts of crazy things and never say anything about it. 

But I just figured it out.  It wasn't that they hoped I'd die.  They didn't fear death.   They loved living.  They weren't reckless, but they didn't fear death,  and they never made the mistake of teaching me to fear death. 

I love life too much to throw it away.  I love humanity, I love life, all life, but if I'm one of those cells that through apoptosis self-terminates so that the body lives on, OF COURSE!

This is joy friends.  This is ultimate greed.  This is enlightened greed.  Stop fearing death.  Stop it.  Unless you want to lead your children and those around you to the same insanity. 

Did King fear for his life?  Is your life as big and joyful as his?  Did Jesus fear for his life?  Is your life as big and loving and joyful as his?  Stop this mania  friends.  For your own joy, Stop it.  And stop where you're leading those around you.

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