011. Secret - Hold themselves to that which the masses aspire, morally, wining them over


Secret strategy.

The potent activists hold themselves to be the highest kind of human beings, that others involuntarily, want to be themselves.  I don't know why my heart's calling it the ‘secret strategy.’  We'll just leave it at that; I rarely don't listen to what my heart tells me to do.  I'm not talking about some silly weak little heart, I'm talking about the massive macro processor, the 80% of our brain  Einstein said we don't use.

I've told your and over again, there are four movies you have to see.  If you continue with this work and you haven't seen them, you really owe it to you to stop and see them now,  as  I keep on referencing them. 

The scene in the actual Freedom Rider interview, within the last year I believe, with the Kennedy administration representative, a 70 something fellow now I'd say, recounting with horror, but unfathomable admiration for the courage of Diane Nash, and the other Nashville college students.   'Sir,' Diane said, 'we understand that you're saying that we’re headed to our deaths.  We just signed our last wills.  We know what we're doing,' as she led the students going down to the mob in Alabama, that had just stopped the prior flight of freedom rides.  They called out his humanity these insanely humane college students, this Kennedy rep not knowing they were doing it, him not understanding they were doing it, they called out his humanity, involuntary to him; he couldn't resist it.

Someone suddenly and viciously pokes their finger toward your eye, your eye involuntarily closes.  It's an involuntary reflex in him, the Kennedy admin, the Kennedys themselves,the nation, involuntarily, reflexively, our humanity was powerfully engaged, provoked, invoked, brought to bear.

We have many such involuntary reflexes, and one is when we see clear, breathtaking, insanely humane behavior, all but the most crippled of us psychologically, have an involuntary reaction.  It calls out that behavior from us.  It calls forth the heart.  This is what's going on friends.  This is why when the world read a newspaper story of the row upon row upon row of thousands of people of India, walking simply to collect what was rightfully theirs, salt from their oceans, and being beaten senseless, having their groins aggressively kicked, over and over again, refusing to raise a hand to protect themselves, that the entire world stepped briefly to a higher level of humanity.  It's an in involuntary reflex. 

And it is at the intuitive heart of why the potent activist, the Unviolent warrior, does not shield the below from the police; does not react with anger and hostility to the police; does not react with anger and hostility to the judge sentencing them to prison. 

These are warriors.  Their weapon is their own breathtaking humanity, which is a capacity of us all, and they sense that by heroically exercising it involuntarily, they hack the heart, they hack past the defenses of the head and the flesh of their of their adversaries.  It is possible that in 2012 America our shields of head and flesh around our heart are so thick and our hearts so weakened through disuse, there is the remotest possibility that this hacking, this invoking… will no longer work.  My studied judgment is that there's a 99.99999% chance that it will work, if specifically, 1000 people, soon, show up here in front of the Canadian Embassy, from the place of love, from the place of our highest humanity, from the place of our highest solidarity with all humanity, friend and foe, saying, 'We are simply here to collect a future for our children, through immediate legislation that ends sending them the wreckage costs for fossil warming fuels on to them, and redistributes Earth killing subsidies to future generating subsidies, as described in detail in the book Global Warming's Death.  Fast. 

If 1000 people show up here in front of the Canadian Embassy, soon, and say that's simply what we want, we're not here to cause trouble, and if the price is our lives, you may have as many as you would like, they're happily yours, it will hack through the massive head and flesh defenses shielding the hearts of millions of Americans, and success is guaranteed, with the gratitude of today’s millions who only years from now would say oh my God, thank you for saving us from our insanity, thank you for jumping us to a higher level of humanity from the depths that we had been sinking to these last 40, 50 years in an ever sicker and sicker America, who otherwise, we all love.

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