037. I'm focused on attracting the 1000 Unviolent SEALS, the 1 in a million INSHE Warriors


Suffragists? Equivalent of Navy SEALs; So too Steve Biko, anti-Apartheid; Birmingham Marchers; Tahrir Square revolutionaries; Harriet Tubman….

Same as “GWD.F” below -

If I recall correctly from the recent Navy SEAL activity covered in the news, the Seals are explicitly and particularly ready to sacrifice their own life for the sake of the mission.  Quite distinguished in that regard, except maybe for the Secret Service.  If there are 1000 Unviolent ‘SEALs,’ that  will come in front of the Canadian Embassy then 200 billion people will be spared hell on earth.  Otherwise they can be assured of it. 

How does one attract Navy SEALs?  Visibility is certainly important, that they know the SEALs exist.  But it's not like advertising Coca-Cola.   Actually, in the case of SEALs, were it promoted too much, in the wrong way, they would be convinced it wasn't what they were looking for. A SEAL recruit, is looking for an elite force, to be part of an elite force, not one that advertises itself like Coca-Cola, or tries to be all things to all people. 

If the SEALs were the only force, the only military force, then presumably no significant or large military battle would be won, the army is essential, for example, but the rolls are different.  But without the SEALs, without the Marines, as the tip of the spear, the other forces can't succeed; the much larger forces can't succeed.   Artillery can pave the way for forces.  Aircraft can do that, but before the large forces can land the Marines and the SEALs need to do their part. 

They're largely self-selected.   When a recruit sees that the SEALs exist, they just know that they want to be a SEAL.  I don't think it's a matter of genes, although that may be part of it, but it's something in their upbringing, it's something in the way they've interpreted life.  It's something about what the way they want to live.  It’s something that some of them have made of themselves.  And when they see the SEALs, they see the lock that they as a key were designed to fit; very organic. 

So the key elements to joining the SEALs is the SEALs existing in the first place.  Being what they should be.  Far and away this is the most important.   And the second is simple visibility.  Does the SEAL recruit need then hours or days of convincing?  Very unlikely.  Maybe there are a few details that need to be covered.  But it's like a key in the lock and when the key can find the lock that it was designed for it's done. 

That's what Start Loving is about in this death fast.  That's what  the death fast is about.   The question is, are there potential Unviolent SEALs out there dying to save all of humanity?  And just not seeing how to do it, as I didn't, for so long.  That's the question.  It's not a sales job.  It's not an explaining job. 

It's not a job of ,explaining the climate science, by way of analogy, to the recruit.  Having said that, once the SEAL joins, is there an immense amount of training, are they tremendously responsible for getting up to speed the right way?  Of course they are.  And hence all this work on finalizing a book  (GWD.F) which in significant part, not totally, but in significant part is for the potential SEALS, that come and join this death fast in  front of Canadian Embassy – Global Warming’s Death. Fast. 

Do the Seals go and recruit aggressively in the general population?  Of course not.  It has to be a self-selection process.  They provide low level of visibility, they do their job, they're potentially inspiring the potentially predisposed recruit.  But they don't go and try and attract the masses.  They try and be a magnet for the needle in the haystack, and that's what  the death fast is about.  That's the role Start Loving is playing.  The question is, are there a thousand Unviolent SEALs, who value the life of 200 billion people more than they value their own.  That's the question, and will the potential be provided visibility of the death fast.  There's been no press so far, will they get press, on this day 24 of death fast. 

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