053. Central Work: I Connect folks with their Hearts; and then stay out of the way


99.9999% of what calls itself the christian church is not. Jesus was real clear, he said, 'you say Lord, Lord, your lips are close to me, your heart is far from me.  I don't know you,' His and my brothers and sisters all.  That's the church.  Gandhi was a Hindu and yet he was such a loving man he'd go wherever he had to for examples of how he needed to be, and  or him, the man Jesus was the greatest example of what it mean to be a human being in Gandhi's eyes. Mine too. 

In my many decade re-acquaintance with and detailed study of Jesus including the historical scholarly work from the so-called Jesus Seminar, nonsectarian scholars from around the world, trying to decipher from a rigorous historical perspective who Jesus was, did he exist, what did he say, concluded that central to his beliefs, and teachings, and efforts, was to get anything and everything from out between a person and their heart, a person and their conscience; to get dogma out the way, to get the scribes out-of-the-way, to get the Pharisees out-of-the-way, to get the Rabbis out-of-the-way, to get the Torah out-of-the-way, to get anything and everything out-of-the-way from between a person and their heart, their conscience, which Jesus understood to be the Divine, and that today is best understood as the uncontrollable 80% of the brain we normally don't use, the Heart. 

Anyone that's truly experienced the heart, the conscience, can scarcely find a different word than the divine to describe them.  I think it's psychology, I think it's a set of circuits, the Heart, the 80% of our brain Einstein said we didn't use.  Whatever it is, it's so amazing, so bright, so pure, so knowledgeable, so courageous, so humane, so, uh, Divine. 

The entire work of the potent activist, the insanely humane warrior, is to connect first themselves, and in doing so, increase the odds that they connect others with their own hearts.   That can take a lot of work, it can a lot of example, it can take a fair amount of explaining, but 98% of the work is example, is showing, by doing it oneself, and then acting in accordance.  That's the work. 

Brothers and sisters in Occupy DC, there's a grain of health, a grain of sanity, to what I think I've seen among you, this yearning that there be no leaders, but you're throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  It's not that you don't want leaders.  I'm not telling you what to think.  I'm telling you what's clear to me that I think you should consider, and think.  It's not leaders that you don't want, its bosses, it's dictators, it's power mongers, it's people who pressure, it's people trying to interfere with, subordinate the conscience.

A surgical team operating on your mate, you don't want there to be a team leader?  What you don't want is that leader to be there to be a bully, a tyrant.  You want their leadership to be because of competence.  
Alice Paul did heart surgery on the psychologist that was sent by the president, I believe Wilson, to certify her insane, to dispose of her from her time on hunger strike and being force-fed, to dispose of her politically.  She did heart surgery on this guy.  He came in all intellect, and she tapped into his heart.  She didn't tell him what to think, she didn't try to browbeat him, she didn't taunt him, she didn't disrespect him, she didn't get into a war of words; she did the work of being a person of heart, invoking the conscience in herself, and thereby him, and the heart and humanity and conscience of this psychologist; and he went back to Wilson and he said, 'I cannot tell you she's insane, because she's not.'

This is our work friends.  To tap into ours, then the hearts of others, for the sanity of it.  For the hope.

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