035. I 'Sacrifice' (hah) All for the Mission, (for the greedy Joy of it.).


So the surgical team working on your husband six hours into an arduous 8 hour operation, one of the elite surgeons says, 'It's five o'clock Sunday, turn on the game!'

The most godly people on the planet, the true Jews, using their bodies as human shields between the, our brothers and sisters all, between the subhuman Nazi right-wing settlers in Israel, and their would-be Palestinian farmer victims, 'has anybody got a soccer ball?  Let's go smoke some weed guys.'

Some heroic American soldiers shielding a family compound, women and children, men, against the vicious Taliban attack in retribution for sponsoring a girls school, 'hey guys, what's the concert this weekend at the base?'

No friends, there are still serious people on earth doing serious work for humanity and 50, 60, 70 years ago it was not as rare.  Most of us have lost sight of it, but it still is there to be seen.  These people are the greediest people alive for the joy of making a difference in the lives of others.  These are not hair-shirt people.  These are not quote self-sacrificial, end quote, they are the greediest among us, enlightened greedy.  They understand the joy of giving and serving is infinitely superior to the addictive, intoxicating lust of taking, exploiting, prostituting ourselves for trinkets. 

They are too greedy to be distracted for a second.  Zero distractions.

You want to play? Cool. I love you.  You're my sister, go be on a different team if you want to 'play.'  Go away.  You want to waste your life on silly stuff?  I'm sorry, I'm not being derogatory.  Consider it wasting your life, or using it, you have the right.  It's a tragedy.  You have the right.  But you don't  have the right to distract the serious, potent, true activists.  You don't have the right to distract any of their time from helping those that really, REALLY need it; so you need to make a choice.  These prospective global neediest are worth my life, they're worth my attention, they're worth my undivided attention, no less so than if I were a surgeon operating on their brain; so you have a choice - you can step up to the level of focus of the team, or you can indulge your interest in a flitting mind from subject to subject, cause to cause and distractions; but you can't have both friends.  I'm sure, I am near certain, I was born AD/HD.  Personally I've had to learn amazing focus so that I didn't go crazy and wouldn't be totally worthless.  And my focus is superior now, to most, but not to those of us that have retained our health which, by any other name are  the potent activists, the insanely humane warriors.

Those who love are those who are waging all-out Unviolent war for humanity.  A key characteristic is focus.  They have a zero tolerance for allowing themselves distractions, or allowing themselves to be distracted.  Zero.

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