051. I'm a Tough as nails cheerleader, path breaker, encourager, Servant


I'm thinking of an old, silly movie about an ocean liner that capsizes and all are doomed, but a group of a half dozen with the usual range of characters, from the courageous to the helpless, to the evil... trying to find a way out.  Let's say you're in such a situation, and you're feeling pretty rattled.  There is a gap to be leapt.  What's the best encouragement that you would hope for: a. people on the sidelines saying 'you can do it, go on, it can be done!'  Or b. someone leaping the gap before you, showing you that can be done, and how?  The latter, ‘b,’ of course.

And so it is with the potent activists, the insanely humane warriors of Unviolence.  These are tough as nails cheerleaders.  These are the ultimate encouragers - givers of courage, by using their bodies to find, figure out, blaze and mark the trail.  No encouragement is so powerful.  No encouragement is so uplifting, and empowering.  No encouragement is so potent, and the potent activists, the true activists, have time for no causes, that require anything less. 

These are the ultimate servants, to leap that breach in that sinking ship, first.  What greater service could be provided?  And of course it puts their lives at risk.  They do what they do because lives, part of themselves, are already at risk. 

Do you want to be less than such a person?  Do you want to provide less of a service?  You're listening to this video, or you're reading this essay.  You probably want to become more.  So take the pill that gets you out of The Matrix.  Use this Personal Trainer to rebuild yourself, as I have over years, and particularly the last 10 months, to become what the world needed me to be. Do that.  You will maybe for the first time in your life, you will be giving yourself life, and you will thereby be offering it to the world, and to all future generations.

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