The voice of these essays, the Titles in particular

These essays began as video logs and they and these transcriptions, essays, are this author’s sharing of what a lifetime of study has taught him, and incorporation of them has made him.  So the voice of most essays, is what, 2nd person?  But the voice of the titles is 1st person, ‘I.’  Two reasons, 1. This is a Personal Trainer, a waste of time for everyone except those that are greedily dying to become what the world needs them to be, and by using the 1st person ‘I,’ it facilitates what I’ve done first, working these great characteristics of these greatest of Insanely Humane Unviolent Warriors into my bone marrow.  2nd, in truth it brings the great characteristics of these greatest of humans just a little bit closer, nearer, more accessible to us, now.

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