022. Ever Mindful of Major Historical Models including - Iron Jawed Angels, Freedom Riders (both), Tipping Point



Friends in each of these video logs, in the description, are links to my two primary blogs.  When you go to either you will see a tab labeled library, including well over 100 of the world's greatest books, movies, audio books relevant to Unviolent warfare and environmental Armageddon, all the contents of which I've studied, often many times, working the information into my atomic structure, and you need to do the same.  Most of them have been studied by me for years.  Yet, I was unprepared, as it turns out, to fight this fight until four videos that I saw over the last month or so.  Shocking.  I wouldn't have guessed there was more crucial stuff to see.  They're all listed in that library in no particular order - Tipping Point, on the tar sands in Alberta, World War III''s Auschwitz;  Iron Jawed Angels;  and then two videos to do with the freedom rides of 1961 - one, a PBS documentary called Freedom Riders, and the other a companion program done by Oprah, a one hour and  half series of interviews with the freedom riders that survive today. 

Shockingly powerful, shockingly insightful.   Tipping Point is an hour and a half CBC documentary on the tar sands.  Tar sands are a subject I've known well and studied  over recent years.  I wouldn't have guessed there was more for me to know.  James Cameron was involved in this, the infinitely wealthy Canadian creator of the movie "Avatar," and others.  Dr. James Schindler, who is the scientist who has been the bane of industry time after time, forcing the exposure of killing, killing toxins that were put in the environment – acid rain, phosphates….  The indigenous Canadians of Athabasca.  Footage of the tar sands.  Next to actual footage from Hades this film is the most horrifying, demonic sight. 

It gave me an experience that nothing else has, quite amazingly, and you need the experience as well.  It shows bold face the rank clinical insanity that happens among people when they see the opportunity to make $2 trillion.  People can be driven crazy by $100 and kill for it, right?  $1000, $10,000….

Correct diagnosis is 90, 99% of the cure; I think that's well-known in medical circles.   And it's true here as well.  We have a mass insanity problem, among the perpetrators like Harper and his government, and the now millionaires and to be billionaires from the tar sands that are funding and supporting him against the wishes of most Canadians, but they haven't found the guts yet to standup and throw out these subhuman, Affloholic creatures, our brothers and sisters all.  

But among the rest of us as well, they're killing our children and we're standing and watching.   Tipping Point is instrumental, you must see it, you cannot fight, you cannot live, you cannot be alive without this monumental view.  It must've cost the producers their jobs at CBC.  It's a tremendously heroic effort on their part.  It must be seen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjA7_wgofp4

Iron Jawed Angels was recommended to me by a young perspective Iron Jawed Angel Lizzie, University of Pittsburgh, who I met at the Thomas's White House peace vigil years ago.  She more recently contacted me.  I noticed on her Facebook page an admiration for Alice Paul, whose name I didn't know.  I've long known that I had a blind spot, with one important Unviolent group of warriors - the women suffragists and I've wanted to close gap and with just that movie, which was an HBO special, it obviously was a labor of Love,  by the prominent actresses that perform in it.   It strikes me as historically correct,  but I know that it is psychologically accurate.  And I can no longer think even among all the movies that I've treasured and profited from and learned by, I can no longer think of any movie besides freedom riders that so correctly depicts what an activist is, what activism is, what Unviolent warfare is, what it means to be the change that the world needs to be,  Gandhi said. 

And then the final two which are companions, and they are both must see, are the PBS special Freedom Riders, based on the book by that name, which if I lived long enough, I would want to study.  But the movie is just stunning.  It's largely live footage of the time of the freedom rides and its live interviews with the survivors.  It's extraordinarily stunning.  These are the most magnificent human beings, it is the most magnificent show of Unviolent war that  I can think of, live footage - the training, the thinking, the characters, the courage, the impact, the galvanizing effect of near perfect unviolent warfare on the Kennedy administration, it's electrifying  to hear a representative of that administration - he was there, he was clubbed, he was beaten.   He attempted to rescue, he attempted to stop the second wave -  "Young lady," he said to Diane Nash, a leader of the second wave of College students that said, 'no, we're not on going to our final exams, the bus rides will be completed.’  "Young lady, don't you know you're going to get someone killed?" " Sir," she says to this representatives of the Kennedys, who speaks to us on the film, "we all signed our last wills last night sir, we know exactly what we’re doing."  With that,  civil rights went from the bottom of the Kennedy’s agenda to the top, and to the top of America’s agenda.  It was a lightning bolt, and it took it to the top of the national agenda.   The near and perfect form, the powerful form of Unviolent warfare -  We're here to claim what is rightfully ours, in that case a seat in a whites only waiting room, and if the price is our life, we will happily pay it.  There is no other move like this.  You have to see it. 

And what seemed untoppable, still demands that the Oprah special be seen, because there are additional interviews, additional footage.  And here.

All four are in both blogs, in the library. 

We just can't be this stupid, this ignorant, anymore friends.  We don't have time to reinvent the wheel.  This isn't the time for bottom-up originality.  This is the time for standing on the shoulders of giants.  You can't fight; you can't live, without seeing these four, and then get others to see them. 

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