057. No. 1 Indicator - The Mission is Everything, because Lives are at Stake


A classic, pathological, defensive mechanism of today’s activists:  'See, that activist doesn’t care about people, all they care about is the mission.'  'The surgical team doesn't care about patients; all they do is care about succeeding in the operation.'  'Martin Luther King doesn't care about people, all he wants is civil rights in the nation.'  Huh?  The Mission is people's lives!  That's what potent activism, true activism, is about – high stakes, do or die, life or death missions to drastically improve people's lives.  The mission, and people's lives is inseparable for them – they are the same thing.  Exactly.  You can't be a potent activist and not be on a mission that isn't worth your life, worth your friendships, worth being shunned, worth any and every personal price.  And if everyone in your circle likes you, approves of what you are doing, thinks you are a great guy or gal, you almost certainly aren't a potent activist. 

It's either fake activism, and missions that are not truly about people's lives but are about activist masturbation, or the mission is everything because the mission is people's lives, exactly.   You can't have it both ways.  If the mission isn't worth stepping on people's toes for, if the mission isn't worth dispensing with pleasantries for, if the mission isn't worth hard, harsh words, bold behavior, allowing some feelings to be hurt, those easily bruised, and concerned about avoiding bruises, shouldn't be in there in the first place, or, it's not a worthy mission.  And if someone is complaining about it, by definition they are not true activists, because true activists live for the most crucial, dire, life and death situations in the world. 

This is really a wonderful point friends, this is a leading indicator. 

If you can think of a time when your feelings have been an issue, God love you.  You are not a true activist.  Now, hurt feelings, that you just move past, shrug off, move on - that's a different issue.  Brava.  

A true activist is someone in the foxhole, in the firefight, life on the line, with those that are attempting to serve; and when someone fighting alongside them just swung around and mistakenly hit them in the head with a figurative rifle butt, their feelings are going to be hurt?  That person probably was fighting to save their life.  This is a wonderful issue friends.  There is scarcely a clearer indicator, for yourself, for others.  Oh, so-and-so was so harsh.  Oh, they hurt my feelings.  Oh, they hurt the feelings of a coworker.  INSHE warriors friend, true activists are INSHE warriors. Effectively, their global feelings are the most intense among us and their ‘feelings” on personal issues, well, they virtually don’t exist – irrelevant. And God love you, if you're not such a Warrior, but get off the battlefield, get out-of-the-way.  You are gunna get people killed.   Your going to distract the true warriors, they're going to fail in saving their prospective clients, and you’ll get some of them killed.

Better yet, rather than get off of the battlefield look in the mirror, find your higher angels, step up your contribution, and join the battle, renewed.

Final comment:  This essay is NOT about taking license to be callous, mean, cruel, thoughtless, arrogant, heartless, insensitive, self-centered….  NO.  INSHE warriors do what they do EXACTLY because they are the most sensitive, most Loving among us.  Re-watch “An Officer and a Gentleman,”  Sgt. Foley.

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