062. I Live to Trigger Within me, and to Trigger in Others the 'Family Emergency Response.'



Have you ever thought of it?  And if you haven't, and you think about it now, you'll see for yourself - We have what acts like special circuitry within us that, when someone in our circle who we dearly love is in an emergency, we move to a whole new level, don't we?  The dad, his daughter has just gone onto convulsions.  He is frantic but focused at the same time.  He calls 911 – ‘I'm sorry, officers are out now, not sure I can get anyone there now.'  He goes to a whole new level, doesn't he?  He finds a way to get her to the hospital, really starting to work miracles, whatever ones he has to. 

We are designed with capacity to work the unimaginable, the impossible, when those Family Emergency circuits are triggered.  I understand it to be that part of our nervous system associated with the Heart, which we are taught to fear, which we are taught to stay out of, which we are taught to relegate to a psychological prison so that our cool, rational, head can be in charge; the Head, the part that easily can be duplicated by computer, the Heart is un-copyable for decades, if not centuries.  It's complexity, it's the 80% of the brain, the 80% of the nervous system that Einstein said we didn't use.  That's the stuff of miracles.  That's the stuff of insight, the stuff of vision, revelation, courage, strength, herculean strength, impossible physical acts - the mother whose child is pinned under a car, she lifts the car off him - the family emergency response.

It turns out the great psychologists like Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, University of Chicago, cites studies that found that there's actually not a psychological limit to how many people can fall within that family emergency circle; that people like Dr. King and Gandhi, for them, it included everyone on the planet.  For Jesus, everyone on the Planet.  Everyone's emergency was their emergency; that's where their vision came from, that's where their courage came from.  That's where their relentlessness came from.  If you can think of a great activist, that has moved the world, that has not lived out of that family emergency response, that has not had zero time, and zero tolerance for potential co-workers that would not or could not move into that emergency response, I can't.

Great activists don't suffer fools.  They don't have time.  Spoken of in another essay, another video log, they understand that every second, is life.  If they screw up, if they don't perform, if they don't get the job done in time, people die, people suffer, people are tortured, and whether or not they know it, they've developed and expanded their circuitry for the family emergency response to encompass those they serve. 

And there's no other way they can achieve the brilliance, the power, the penetration, the speed, the transformation that they achieve, without those circuits being activated.  When they're activated, it's vision or akin to vision, and they make it available to others by embodying it themselves; they make it available; we're contagious to one another, and when we exercise the family emergency response those around them, with any humanity left, vicariously get their own family emergency response circuits exercised, and what we use grows in strength. 

There is no serious activist  that does not live out of the family emergency response, serially, from one emergency to the next, to the next.   You can't think of a great activist, who has moved  the world, that hasn't lived there, and insisted upon working only with people that live there. 

The family emergency response does not get paralysis by analysis, does not get verbal diarrhea, does not engage in mental and spiritual masturbation.  Lives are on the line, and these are the people that are alive. 

Life only happens, your nervous system is only fully engaged, in the emergency.

Real activists run toward the emergency, using their body as a shield to the innocents.  And when they solve that one, they run to the next one, because that's the only place that life is to be found, and to be given, and they have a taste for life and for joy, and for peace of heart, and the ultimate joy of service, and you should too.  You must too.

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