045. I'm Unafraid of death, or dying, except needless deaths, and the needless suffering of others; what Jesus, et al, feared



Another video log essay in GWD.F. speaks about the incompatibility of fearing death, and living. S. Loving, has lived that for 12, 13 years now, it seems .  But that video on the incompatibility of fear of death and living, fighting unviolently, represents an evolution in my understanding - I've been aware of Gandhi's obsession with eliminating all fear from himself of death but I didn't fully grasp it, and in that video, essay I shared, I get it now.  I get it now. 

There is an incompatibility - the degree to which we fear death is the degree to which we cannot love, and loving, is living, and warring unviolently, from a neurological standpoint.  

Another evolution in my understanding is this clarity which stems from what I just discussed, which stems from that other video, essay.  In this sickest of all societies, clinically, as hostile to the healthy human nervous system as is the Matrix, if not more so, it's so natural to fear death, isn't it?  It's so central, our fear, so ‘right,’ so’normal.’  We're moving toward 20% of GNP being spent on healthcare, just to avoid death.  Sick. 

But we're confronted with a choice.  It's a choice that we have been dodging for forever.  Jesus died to make us confront the choice.  Jesus died to save us, to give us the opportunity to make the choice.  Gandhi did the same, King did the same.  They clearly didn't fear death.  This isn't about a pure academic argument, was there any cell in their  body that had a fear death?  Of course.  Was there the capacity within them to fear death? Of course.  But that doesn't mean they lived it.  We choose to live it, they chose to not live it.  Fearing death is absolutely central to our being in this society.  By no stretch was it central to their being – King’s, Gandhi’s, the other potent activists.  The fear of other people suffering and dying was central to their being. 

This is the same way of the cells in your body, this is the way of every organ in your body.  It isn't  the way of cancer; it is exactly the opposite of the way cancer which it seems, fears its own death, and has no concerns for the body, except to consume it; to rape and plunder it, not out of malice,  but out of not caring about the body. 

Was Jesus a fool?  Was he trying to lead us someplace that we really shouldn't go? We wouldn't be more joyful to go?  He called it heaven.  Gandhi beckoned us all there.  King beckoned us all there.  Was it really just for liberation of India in Gandhi's case, and civil rights in Dr. King's case?  Not unless they were lying to us.  No, their objective was much higher than that.   Gandhi ended his life feeling a great failure because he liberated India and did not liberate India from the fear of death.  It can be said different ways, but that's what he considered to be his essential failure.  King, was clear that his life was dedicated to the ‘Dream.’

Is this some empty principle that Gandhi felt or was it at the heart of a brother that hated to see the living death of his brothers and sisters, because fearing death is to live death, to be lived by death, is to be a slave to death, is to be a slave to death, is to be the servant of death.  To center one's life around a big enough house, a big enough bank account, a big enough separation from one's neighbors, big enough weapons, big enough police force....  And this is how we spend our lives, this is how I spent my life from the time I was born in filthy overprivileged till I left the filthy overprivileged 14 years ago.  Clinically filthy in way too much alcohol as clinically filthy, the way any amount of crack is clinically filthy.

These weren't fools friends.  These were the few people that have retained human health and joy that goes with it.  It so happens that if what Jesus might have called the second coming of Christ, the mass coming of love to our hearts, Christ being the spirit of love; if that doesn't happen now, we are not gunna stop global warming.  And Gaia, the Creator, mother Earth, will exterminate us. 

That's the choice.  Will you kill your kids, your grandkids and great grandkids with denial, out of fear, or is it time to embrace what virtually every great, even mediocre - author, moviemaker, painter, religious leader of repute, of sanity, the few of them, and the few great psychologists -  Frankel, and Adler most notably, secondarily Maslow, Rogers and Csikszentmihalyi, - have all tried to tell us?  It's no longer a personal choice.  The choice you make on this will decide the  fate of the next 2000 generations.  The fate of hundreds of billions of people. 

What are you going to do?

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