076. Conscience, Heart (Creator, Divine), my Only Master, to which I listen for wisdom throughout all of Creation


"I will allow just one tyrant in my life, the still small voice within,"  said Gandhi. 

Dietrich Bonheoffer, the world acclaimed Lutheran minister, who in the final year of the war was executed by Hitler for making an attempt on Hitler's life.  His writings are a must study and there are some excellent documentaries on him.   I've dedicated a blog to the best excerpts of his writings I could find. I highly recommend it.  He speaks in the most extraordinary way about the ‘Unviolent SEALs,’ my words not his, the Unviolent ‘Marines,’ my words not his, for these people – ‘who are those who stand fast?’ 

Why do they stand?   They’re unwilling to be irrelevant.  They're unwilling to not respond to the needs of history.   They're unwilling to be relegated to the sidelines.

And using Gandhi's words, Bonheoffer didn't, I will,  they refuse to kowtow, they refuse to submit to anything except their own conscience, except for their own heart, except to their own best understanding of what God, Soul, the Creator-inside, wants of them.  They consider everything, they're respectful of everything, but always their dictator, always their arbiter is their heart, their conscience, their soul, the highest, hardest to reach, uncontrollable, part of themselves.

By way of a not a perfect analogy,  who would you expect a great painter to submit to - the critics, the other artists?  No.  The still small voice within, their muse. 

Well, 1000, that must come to the Canadian Embassy, are the pinnacle of humanity.  Who are they going to listen to, take orders from, direction from... their peers?  They have few if any peers, sadly.

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