077. I have Meticulous Attention to Detail


We're within months is condemning hundreds of billions of people, to life on Earth in the midst of ever more violent death throes.  This is time to quibble over the second, third fourth order priority stuff, such as my deep admiration of the Marines, the Navy SEALs, and my use for them in references???  If you find such things a distraction,  I just have nothing to offer you. 

Real activism has meticulous attention to detail.  There’s much detail I don't know about the revolution in Egypt a year and half ago, but I've heard enough times that they were rigorous in their study of Unviolent revolutions in Eastern Europe; meticulous students of Harvard’s Gene Sharp's writings on unviolent warfare. Wael Ghonim, one of the de facto leaders, was a leading executive in the Middle East for Google; you don't get to work at Google by making mistakes; by lacking attention to detail. 

Gandhi is often dismissed as just an excellent tactician, an excellent strategist.  That's like dismissing da Vinci for having technically great brushstrokes.  Of course, he had technically great brushstrokes, course Gandhi was a brilliant strategist tactician, because he held himself to rigorous attention to detail, leaving nothing to chance.  One didn't just show up and become part of the actions that he was involved with.  There were written, clearly established codes of conduct.  There were clearly established standards of behavior.  There was rigorous training in unviolence; almost all of which is been lost, the puffery, the nonsense that's taught today on unviolence in these supposedly important actions is just appalling, and insult to the unviolent warriors that have gone before. A desecration.

Watch Freedom Riders, look at the live footage of the training work before - getting slapped by the coaches, hit by their coaches, yelled at by the coaches.  It was not acceptable that failure in behavior happen in the confrontations.  So the training was then accurate simulation of what they could expect to encounter.

The book "The Lambs War," written by Phil Berrigan at one point a priest, one of the great antiwar, anti-Vietnam War protesters, many years in prison, speaks of their training, Unviolent training, where he was brutal, as the coach, on others with him. 

Watch Iron Jawed Angels, the HBO special in my blog library.  Watch their rigor, look at the excellence, look at the professionalism, the attention to detail, nothing left to chance. 

‘Navy SEALs’ of nonviolence don't play. ‘Marines’ of Unviolent don't play.  Failure is not an option.  They prepare, they simulate, they think all the way through, they leave nothing to chance, because they live for the results.  They live for the rescue of their target clientele.   They're not here to play, not here to play-act, not here to do stuff.

They’re here to win. 

You have tremendous attention to detail?

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